With Valentines on the horizon why not experiment with some of these interior design tips helping you to add a little romantic feel to your home design. Your home interior is able to transform the feel of your room and with a few subtle changes you can easily create a romantic atmosphere.

During the Winter months creating a homely feel in your living space is essential. In this guide we offer some simple design tips to create a romantic home interior. We have also selected our top 5 must have mirrors which can contribute to the romantic home interiors.

Lighting is key

Lighting is one of the most important aspects in any living area however when creating a romantic feel lighting plays a leading role. Ideally your lighting should be low level creating an ambience in your room. Candles are a great way of creating a loving feel in your home and whatÂ’s more you can light as many as you like and dot them around your room.

Opt for a scented candle such as rose petals to add to the romantic feel. Another key lighting accessory is a chandelier. Chandeliers can create a vintage feel with a modern twist and can add to your home environment. They will also create a wonderful focal point in your home again choose a chandelier with a natural finish and not one that will overpower your room.

6 branch Frecnh chandelier

Use white and pastel colours

Although traditionally red is the colour of romance it can be very overpowering in your home design. A bold red can lead to your room feeling claustrophobic especially if you are working with a small living space. The key is to use pastel colours or white these calming colours will create a peaceful, idealistic environment.

A pastel pink would look great combined with white to create a loving feel in your home. To add that extra bit of romance use red accessories such as candles, cushions and ornaments.

Add flowers to your home

Freshly cut flowers can instantly make you feel romantic (especially if they are given to you by a loved one). Flowers are delicate and very beautiful with some offering a wonderful scent these are all qualities that will add to the ambience you are trying to create. Red roses are the most obvious romantic flower and would look great in a glass vase featured in your hallway, in the centre of your dining table or featured on a console table in your living room.

For something a little more intimate primroses are great combined with violets and would look beautiful used in improvised vases such as old perfume bottles or vintage glass jars. If you are looking for something more elegant simple daises, orchids or lilies look great and will ooze style.

Introduce a subtle mirror

Mirrors are often viewed as a practical item that merely sit on your wall, however mirrors can be very powerful and will easily transform the feel of your home. When looking to create a romantic feel in your home a small sized mirror would look great featured on your wall helping to project the light around your room. Ideally you should place your mirror opposite natural daylight or across from where you will be lighting candles that way the mirror is able to subtly reflect the candle light around your room.

Heart shaped mirrors are also great for instantly creating a bold romantic statement. Opt for a heart shaped mirror with a natural coloured finish that will enhance your current living space without overpowering it.

Below we have selected our top 5 mirrors that will help create a romantic feel in your home:

1. Gold heart shaped mirror with crest

2. Large rose frame heart mirror champagne

3. White heart shaped mirror 

4. Medium mosaic crackle mirror 

5. Crushed glass sparkle heart mirror