Although we have had a very mild start to Autumn it is only fitting that we should begin preparing our homes for the cold months ahead. In Summer we tend to brighten up our homes using lots of white space and pastel colours. Autumn is all about creating a cosy feel in your homes with burn oranges, beiges, browns and gold.

In this guide we offer some ideas on how you can create an Autumnal feel throughout your home environment. The simplest of ideas are usually the most effective and many decorations can be found outdoors!

In The Living Room

Add an area rug to the centre of your living room, if you have one already replace this with a seasonal rug featuring wonderful Autumnal colours. This will instantly create an Autumn feel in your home whilst also helping to add structure to your room. A throw for your sofa will also complement your new rug beautifully this practical item will not only keep you warm on winter nights it will also add a cosy feel to your room.

Autumn is about heavy materials such as chunky knits creating a warmth in your home so opting for a knitted throw would create this look perfectly in your home. As we get further into Autumn one thing is certain daylight is decreasing therefore natural daylight becomes precious.

Lighting can create the perfect atmosphere in your home, you should bring in just the right amount of light to create a warm ambience ensuring you don’t overpower your room. A lamp is the perfect addition to your home in Autumn whether it be freestanding or featured on a table.

Perhaps if you already have a lamp replacing it’s shade with a burnt orange or a gold will create a whole new look helping to transform your home.

living room autumn              

 In The Entrance Hall

Your entrance hall is the perfect place to bring some Autumn charm into your home. Even if it is not reflected in the other rooms in your home focus on instantly wowing guests and making them feel a sense of warmth as they enter. An extremely popular Autumn design feature is a wreath although traditionally we hang them on our doors during the festive season Autumn is the perfect time to create your own.

Combining natural twigs, berries and Autumn leaves which can be found in your back garden will create a feeling of the outdoors inside and will look extremely effective either on your door or in your hallway. Following the natural outdoor theme in your entrance hall a wooden framed mirror will also create a rural countryside feel.

The mirror will also increase light and if placed strategically will help to create space in your hallway. A mirror is an extremely important feature in any hallway and can create a wonderful, striking focal point as well as offering an inviting feeling to guests. If you are looking for something more glamorous a gold framed mirror will instantly create warmth as well as adding an elegant luxurious feel to your home.

entrance hall autmn                  

In The Dining Room

If there are lots of hard wood and surfaces in your living room, soften things up during Autumn by introducing a throw for your table. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce those stunning Autumn colours into your home whilst also breaking up the hard surfaces creating a peaceful setting in your dining room.

If you wanted to get creative you could also make some slip coverings for your dining chairs. In many dining rooms the dining table will be the focal point of the room therefore creating a centrepiece for you table will create a stunning, striking look. If you are looking for something more subtle wooden bowls are both elegant and stylish. You can fill the bowls with pine cones, acorns, twigs, berries and even seasonal fruit like apples and pears. If you are looking for something overstated you can create a wonderful display combining a vase packed full with seasonal flowers, berries, twigs, and other vase fillers.

This will create a wonderful feature and will instantly revive any dull look dining room.

dining room autumn                  

In The Bedroom Your bedroom should be a place of warmth and relaxation during Autumn, you do not need to spend a fortune to create this tranquil environment. Introducing scented candles can effectively create a delightful Autumn atmosphere into your home. When selecting your scented candles you should choose fragrances that reflect the season such as wood smoke which reflects the Autumn leaves or perhaps spices such as orange and cinnamon which conjure a warm feeling on a cold day both perfect for relaxing.

Wicker baskets are another seasonal favourite that are very effective at reflecting the Autumn season. Wicker baskets can instantly create a cosy feel in your room perfect for your bedroom space. They can effectively create an earthy feel as well as offering great storage space for practical items such as blankets, throws, slippers and other items. Placing these wicker baskets in your bedroom will instantly create a cosy feel as well as giving easy access to items that can help warm you up.

Autumn is also the time to replace your bright, lightweight pillow covers with ones made from heavier material helping to create warmth.Pillow covers with seasonal colours such as orange, red, yellow and brown can create a snug pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom as the colder weather sets in. It may not be time just yet to replace your Summer duvet with your Winter one however adding throws to the bottom of your bed not only look great they can add extra warmth when you need it. We hope this guide has offered you some simple ideas on how to introduce an Autumn feel into your own home.

Look out for further design and styling tips in our blog posts.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x