. One popular style of decorating bedrooms for young girls is known as the "shabby chic" look. This is a style that is feminine without being too frilly. The main elements of the shabby chic look are pale, feminine colors, an emphasis on comfort, and some tasteful touches of whimsy. There is no overbearing attempt to match colors and patterns perfectly.This style of decorating is ideal for young girls who are starting to become more independent but who are not yet teenagers with teenage preoccupations.For shabby chic to work as a decorating style, it is essential to have some whimsy in the mix. The room must not take itself too seriously. Instead, there should be an element of charm and femininity.A shabby chic design bedroom for a young girl is pretty, but the femininity does not go over the top. Instead, the emphasis is on creating a light and airy space. The bed may be covered with a pretty quilt and several ruffled pillows. Real flowers and live plants give an air of being in the country.Feminine Fabrics
The fabrics used should have floral themes in pastel colors and there should be an attempt to mix, and not match the fabrics. The best way to keep the room looking fresh is to be somewhat restrained. Too many objects and too many patterns will result in a cluttered room that looks as if it dates back to the Victorian era. Pastel Colours You should choose a very simple colour scheme for your little girl’s bedroom by using a light, feminine color such as white, pale pink, pale yellow, pale blue, or pale mauve. One lovely way to add a touch of whimsy to a shabby chic bedroom is by decorating the walls with stenciled artwork. Stencil templates are widely available and a design that features delicate flowers or leaves can be very attractive. If your little girl prefers, one wall can be covered with a light-coloured wallpaper in a delicate pattern. Old-fashioned chandeliers make ideal light fixtures for a room that is decorated in the shabby chic style. Painted Furnishings The shabby chic style is not compatible with very modern furnishings. The furniture in a young girl's shabby chic bedroom should look old-fashioned or vintage. A great way to make the furniture fit the spirit of the room is to paint the various pieces in a compatible color. If the walls are colored, then white furniture with stenciled decorations would be a lovely addition. However, if the walls are white, the dresser and other furnishings may be painted in a pastel color. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Of course, any young girl is going to want to have a lovely mirror in her room. This can be a decorative wall mirror with an ornate frame or it can be a more traditional mirror with a delicate frame. Another option that many girls will love is the three-part dresser mirror that will give her the feeling of being almost grown up. The shabby chic look is the perfect alternative for those girls who are no longer wish to have a bedroom décor that is dominated by cartoon princesses or mermaids. It is an ideal style for girls who are growing up but who are not ready to become teenagers. One great advantage of the shabby chic look is that this style can slowly evolve as your little girl gets older and changes her tastes.