Originating in re-used buildings such as city office blocks, warehouses, mills etc. the urban loft interiors design style is now sort after in more modern city adobes too. With a lack of natural exposed features such as bricks, ventilation pipes and so on, how can this look be achieved in a modern apartment for example? 1. What does urban loft actually mean? It is about taking inspiration from the city in which you live and bringing pieces of it into your home. The beauty of this design style is that it is subject to the city in which you live, the area within that city and the elements that appeal to the individual. For some it may mean replicating graffiti as artwork in the home, whereas for others it may be mimicking a historical period in time complete with traditional furnishings and architectural details. 2. The fabrication of the building: Wherever possible you should try to adopt open plan living, with limited walls and areas divided by strategically positioned furniture, different types of flooring, wall coverings and so forth so that each part of the open floor has a defined purpose. Try to create the illusion of space, maximising the use of natural light, expose high ceilings and if possible add a mezzanine floor, or a slatteed banister rail so that the upstairs flows with the lower levels. 3. Using natural features:It is not always possible to expose a brick wall, pipes or have industrial features in a new building, however you can add some urban styled home furnishings to create the desired image and atmosphere...

  • Purchase old industrial floor standing fans
  • Use wall paper that depicts a brick wall or wooden panels for a feature wall
  • Choose light fittings that are made from steel or have an industrial feel about them (movie style lights also work well)
  • Add a laminate flooring that looks like exposed floorboards, real tiles or even concrete flooring
  • Opt for natural materials wherever possible, with an eco-friendly appeal

4. Furniture: Opt for contemporary furniture with clean lines and limited patterning. This style takes inspiration and incorporates many of the elements included in contemporary and modern design. Think sleek and minimal. 5. Recycling and reclaimed: It is not uncommon in an urban loft styled home to find modern antiques, taken form the city surrounding he home. Items such as street signs and old fashioned dustbins add to the ambiance, but then so do more contrived pieces such as light fittings made from empty beer bottles, artwork made from tin bottle tops or pieces or rubbish, frames made from old tyres and so forth. Just be conscious not to go over the top and only add items that add to the style and don't simply collect rubbish! 6. All the mod cons: True urbanites simply can't resist a gadget or 20 in their homes. At the forefront of technology, funky and cutting edge electronics should be displayed with pride. Depicting the modern lifestyle and here and now of the city, think ultra modern rather than retro antiques when it comes to items such as TV's, kitchen appliances, CD players etc.