Moving a house whether within the same city, same state or to a different country is cumbersome and can augment your stress levels considerably. Where at one hand you are worried about bigger things like the job in the new place, the accommodation rents, new school for the kids, new people etc. on the other hand there are finer details as to how in the first place would you manage to move your stuff from one place to the other. Amidst all the perturbation you might skip on a very important point- what do you need to do about the moving of the delicate items? These need to be handled with utmost care and require special attention. Owing to the busy schedules combined with easy availability of various kinds of services, most people now opt for storage and removals services. The storage and removals Somerset companies make it easy for almost anyone to move without making them feel like banging their head on the walls. However if you are fond of collecting delicate artifacts or antiques, you need to take special care while selecting the storage and removal facility. You would not want to see your delicate darlings that you have collected over the years to be handled mercilessly. Many of these collectibles of yours have cost you a fortune and you want to make sure that they get the care and attention that they deserve. Delicate items like electronics, lampshades, paintings, ornate mirrors, fancy window mirrors, modern decorative mirrors, dressing table mirrors, full length cheval mirrors, and bathroom mirrors etc. need special packing materials. Along with these, antiques too need to be handled meticulously. There can be several precious antique items which need to be protected from moisture, rough handling etc. There also might be some items which may need specific materials to be packed in. Make sure to discuss the details of your artifacts with the storage and removal personnel. If need be, you can also discuss the requirements with your antiques dealer to know better the finer details for specific items you want them to be more careful about. When finally working with the packing, make sure to check the packing materials for their quality.  Ensure that the company uses new packaging material and that the boxes are sturdy enough. Be very particular that the vans too are sufficiently equipped with cushioning materials. Get rid of all the extra stuff and move on to packing on the essential items. It is best to start with the most delicate ones. You can be done with them before the heavy things are moved. This way you greatly eliminate the chances of knocking over something precious by mistake. Even when moving the stuff to a new place, first unload the most delicate items and store them in a separate room or an enclosed area where there is not much of movement. If you are making use of a storage facility you can make provisions for the delicate items to be stored in a separate area. By following these few simple tips and taking care of a few details you can forget the bundle of worries and these can make your moving a lot more comfortable and stress-free. Moving the house may seem to be a dreary project but proper organizing and attention to details can work wonders. Along with all this, the choice of your storage and removal company can greatly affect the efficiency of the moving out process.