Large ornate mirrors with spectacular frames are becoming increasingly popular with the general public as they strive to find a way to add that ‘wow’ factor to their homes. In the past a mirror proved only to be a functional piece, which served a specific purpose – to look at one’s reflection. However, a mirrors original use is now pushed down the pecking order in terms of what the mirror is used for today. Mirror design and style is now far more important than the reflected view. And mirrors are now used as statement pieces of art in a room, rather than just somewhere to look at your reflection. Some of the things you might be looking for when buying a new mirror include: • Stunning double rolled frames • Swish contemporary mirrors with clean lines • Vertical or horizontal mounting options • Mirrored frames with black or standard glass • Multiple small mirrors surrounding a large central mirror • Amazingly ornate Rococo frames • Extra large decorative mirrors • Art deco styled mirrors • Gold, black or white framed mirrors • Antique styled mirrors It’s easy to see that there is a plethora of choice available where mirrors are concerned. You just need to choose something which fits with your room design whilst also adding that je ne sais quoi.