We've recently had our mirrors featured on another few episodes of Cowboy Builders & Bodge Jobs! We donated the mirrors to help families that were in need of a home renovation as a result of a DIY disaster.

Plymouth Makeover:

The Plymouth makeover saw Lee and Vanessa who's Plymouth home needed a makeover to accommodate Lee's special needs. The makeover included completing work on the families extension which up until now had not been completed. Our Kelsi window mirror featured on the cream wall within the dining room adding a striking focal point to the wall.

The mirror was also positioned directly opposite a window allowing it to subtly reflect the light around the room.

Kelsi window mirror                    

The new family dining room featuring our Kelsi window mirror on the wall complete with new oak dining table and other decorative accessories.

kelsi window mirror 2 no title                    

Close up shot of our Kelsi window mirror.

Hampshire Makeover:

The Hampshire makeover saw a family who's leaking roof was causing issues throughout the entire house.

The Cowboy Builders team managed to fix the leaky roof and completely redecorate the room where the leak had caused the most damage. Our Aztec round mirror was featured as a focal point in the study/family room and was positioned on a bright pink wall. The brightly coloured feature wall was stunning and our large mirror helped to add character to the room.

Aztec mirror 4                      

Close up shot of our Aztec round mirror.

Aztec mirror 3                      

Aztec mirrored featured above the day bed.

North West Makeover:

The North West makeover saw Kelly and husband Ed who had invested all their money into creating their ideal family home however a projected 6 week renovation turned into a 6 month nightmare. The makeover included salvaging what was left of the hallway and restoring it backs to its former glory.

The property was a period home therefore an Edwardian theme was selected for the interior. Our Bella vintage cream  mirror was used in the hallway featured above a stunning wooden console table. The mirror added light and harmonised beautifully with the theme

. Bella mirror 1                    

  Hallway makeover.

Bella mirror 2                      

Close up shot of our Bella vintage cream mirror.

Greater Manchester Makeover:

The Manchester makeover saw a family who had purchased a repossessed bungalow taking on what they believed would be a simple renovation. The Cowboy Buidlers team helped the family by giving them a kick start with the kitchen and completely redecorating the living space.

Our silver mirror was used to create a grey feature wall. The mirror sat above the traditional fireplace and combined modern with classic styles beautifully.

sunburst mirror                                  

Close up of our silver mirror.

Sunburst mirror 2