Wayne Rooney’s goal celebration after his winner against Ukraine on Monday left many onlookers wondering what he was doing – until he revealed in the post-match interview that he was actually styling his hair. After he'd scored his headed winner, England’s star striker pretended to add gel spray to his hair, in a gesture aimed at the England bench. It turned out that Rooney had borrowed some gel from the follically-endowed Andy Carroll and joked after the game that he’d “hopefully end up with hair like him.” After the match Liverpool footballer Martin Kelly joked on Twitter that Andy Carroll had used team mate Jordan Henderson’s hair gel for the last two games of the Premiership season, games in which he’d scored two headed goals and returned to form after a less than impressive start to the season. Carroll was also wearing the apparently super-charged hair gel when he headed the winner for England against Sweden earlier in the competition. If England are to progress against Italy, it’s hoped that new boss Roy Hodgson makes sure that part of his tactical analysis involves using the gel and that all his strikers apply it properly using the dressing room mirror before they take to the pitch.