It would be nice to wake up every morning to a bedroom with a little class and sophistication, with a nearby dressing table mirror, ready to aid you in your morning beauty regime. Although this mirror may not tell you that you are the fairest of them all first thing in the morning; it will definitely be the best feature of your room.  Not only will a dressing table mirror be stylish and eye-catching, it will create the illusion of more light and space.  But how do you know which mirror will suit your bedroom style? Here are a few tips on which mirrors will be the best match for your table dresser. Modern Bedroom Designs The modern day bedroom is very minimalistic. They incorporate indirect lighting, bold colours and unusual material choices within them. Due to the lack of furniture and objects, you want each and every piece to tell its own story and to speak for itself. This is why you need your dressing table mirror to be unique, and to stand out from the crowd. A perfect answer for this would be a clear glass triple dressing table mirror. This style and design of mirror would sit perfectly on a simple chest of draws or dressing table, with the clear glass design making it versatile and easy to match. This would be perfect for those who like to follow all of the current interior trends. Keep your dressing table mirror simple, this way it will sit perfectly on your streamlined dressing table. Vintage, Shabby Chic Bedroom Styles Shabby chic and other old and new combo styled bedrooms have subdued lighting from antique fixtures. To stick with the theme, a distressed white dressing table mirror, with a French themed feel will make a great finishing touch to a vintage styled room. To add a more unique feel to the design an embossed dressing table mirror in either silver or black would sit perfectly, whilst also adding a stylish element to the decorative mirror. Country Styled Bedrooms For a country styled room, large cosy throws, floral cushions, wooden fixtures and a four poster bed with a pretty paisley bedcover, would be the main features. Choosing a mirror which will compliment the interior of your existing room will be difficult, but to suit a country styled bedroom a mirror with a gold carved frame would hold its pride of place on a large, bold dressing table. Although a very practical addition to your bedroom, this mirror will keep with the country feel, whilst adding an eye catching feature. So there you have it, how to pick the perfect dressing table mirror, which will compliment your personally styled bedroom. Remember to pick the right dressing table mirror for you and your personality, don’t just pick the first one you see. Look around a bit and choose one which will suit your personal style. After your morning shower, take a seat at your dressing table, relax, and get ready for the day ahead.