Hanging out at the local café has become something of an essential social activity for many of us. Cosying up with a hot mocha in the winter months, sitting in the sun sipping an iced coffee in summer – hanging out at cafes is definitely perfect for any season. Unfortunately, you won't be able to keep this up every day: if you tried, your wallet would be significantly lighter by the end of the year. The great news is that it's easy to bring that trendy cafe vibe into your own home, so here are a couple of ways that you can spruce up your own home and enjoy a cup of coffee without having to break the bank.

Au Naturale Put a smile on the face of your inner hippie as you celebrate all that is natural. If you have a friend in the coffee business, you're nearly there already. Simply ask for a hemp or canvas coffee sack (coffee optional), and prop it somewhere noticeable. The more faraway the country, the better. This goes great with wooden furniture, and screams, 'Organic fair trade products ONLY!' in your house. If you don't, then don't worry too much, just grab a few stools or beanbags and set them in a place that gets plenty of sunlight in your house. Invite some friends over and meditate. Done! Black is the new Black Want to set up a trendy cafe environment in your home? Unfortunately, mismatched takes away from cool locations, so make sure you have furniture that matches. Obviously, all in black. Having sleek lines and minimal furniture, perhaps with a piece of abstract art, will make your home look like one of those cafes that people in black turtlenecks hang out in. And don't even think about adding milk to your cuppa. Everything must be black. Home is Where the Heart is Many trendy cafes are now opting for a homely vibe, so setting up a trendy cafe vibe in your home has never been easier. You don't have to worry about tidying up or moving furniture around at all – in fact, as long as you have a nice place to drink coffee in your home, that's all you really need! Invite a few friends over for coffee and relax in your home, talking about things you can only talk about at home. Stylish Mirrors Have you noticed when you step into some cafes there is unique mirrors? The best place to hunt for unique mirrors at great prices is on the Internet. Once a mirror is found, replicate the cafe feel by using it as a board, using white board pens to write your menu down for the week!   .