5. We noticed that often on the show you weren’t afraid to use bright colourful paint and bold patterned wallpaper do you have any advice to our readers about the use of bold colours?

I absolutely love decorating with bright bold explosive colours and brash patterned wallpapers. It’s the ideal way to make a real transformation in a room. Most clients I work with aren’t actually scared of colour; they’re more worried about how to use it correctly.

Depending on how confident you are and how much of a style statement you want to make id follow these simple and easy steps to help you choose the right colour for your room. Grab a notebook and make a list of each room in your home, describing what purpose and feeling you want to get in the space. Note any ideas you have on colour. 

Take a look at some of the most common colour associations:

Red: high energy, powerful, sometimes angry, makes your heart beat faster

Orange: social, joyful, extroverted, happy

Yellow: optimism, clarity, happiness Green: colour of nature, balance, peace

Blue: restful, calm, deeply relaxing, beneficial for sleep

Violet: creativity, intuition

For instance, in the bathroom you might want to bring a sense of serenity and utter relaxation. A bright white bathroom works well and will be timeless. Adding natural materials like wood, stone, slate and glass gives a modern and uniformed feel.

edward interview 7                    

This recently designed bathroom at my home is covered floor to ceiling in white Parisian subway tiles and a dark Welsh slate floor. I have fitted huge sheets of mirror to the walls to not only bounce the light around the room but makes it more spacious. Bedrooms generally need to be a place to relax and unwind so they lend themselves to be decorated in darker colours to help aide a restful sleep.

I particularly like painting bedrooms a cool grey, or a dark inky blue like ‘Hague Blue’ from Farrow and Ball used here in my spare room, reminiscent of the colour of light in the last few minutes when the sun goes down on the horizon in Italy. Dark shades in bedrooms can be very soothing. Adding an oversize floor mirror isn’t just for checking yourself out but also helps ground the room due to the tall ceilings but also helps reflect light around the room.

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I love to use bold patterned or geometric wallpapers in a room. Wallpaper can be really uplifting and transform a room instantly. One of my favorites is the ‘Squiggle’ wallpaper from Vivienne Westwood teamed with ‘Mambo’ paint from Little Greene Paint Company which I had installed in my first flat in Notting Hill. It looks great teamed with canary yellow accessories. I love the paper so much I had to buy a new pair of matching brogues just to go with my interior.

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6. We frequently get asked which mirrors work best for small spaces. What would be your expert interior design advice to customers with small rooms?

In my experience using large or oversized mirrors in small spaces eagerly exposes any bit of light and radiates it throughout the entire room. Oversize mirrors will not only bounce light around a room but you can also see the reflections of other areas of the room which will make your space feel larger than it really is.

french black leaner              

You could also try grouping several smaller mirrors of different shapes and sizes as a collection or montage on one wall. Mix it up a bit with a few convex shaped mirrors too. Not only does this give a sense of more space but also creates an artistic display of reflections in a room.

7. Formal dining rooms seem to be making a comeback recently. What do you look for when designing such a space? Do you have any interior design tricks of the trade/expert advice you could offer our customers that are renovating their homes?

Dining Rooms tend to be areas where you entertain, gather your nearest and dearest together for celebrations and maybe study as generally it’s the quiet area of the house so you can afford to be more daring in your colour scheme. Think about colours that reflect warmth and food like Claret, Greens, Burgundy and warm greys. Accessorised with formal seating, a large mirror over a sideboard and some beautifully framed artwork sets the tone.

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8. What is your favourite room in your own home and why?

I would say it has to be my spacious open plan Living Room and Dining. It’s a calm, elegant and peaceful place I can relax, work and watch the world go by outside. The walls are painted in ‘London Clay’ by Farrow and Ball which a nice matt brown earthy colour

. edward interview 13                  

The light is ever changing, in the morning the sunlight comes through the French doors flooding the room with natural daylight.  During the early evening the light turns into a warmer glow making the room feel cosy and welcoming. Perfect in the winter evenings with the fire on and bunkering down with the dogs. We have lots of taxidermy, brass wall sconces, richly coloured and woven fabrics and some carefully selected ornaments and figures collected from travels abroad. I love the heavily ornate picture frames and of course a few statement mirrors. My favourite is the large gilt Barbizon mirror that takes centre stage above the imposing white marble fireplace.

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9. And finally what would be your design trend predictions are for 2016?

  1. Colour (Yay!) A new palette of pale shades of rose is becoming firmly established as the neutral choice with combinations of charcoal, rich teal, mole and evocative amber really steps into the limelight.
  2. Stainless Steel work surfaces and appliances are out, so opting for matt black or black stainless steel is shining the way forward in kitchens.
  3. The formal dining room is back. No longer will that room in the house be used as a study or media room. We want to sit down, as a family for dinner like the good old days.
  4. Statement bathroom mirrors are all the rage for 2016. Banish the boring and bring on the bold!
  5. Smoky and pitted mirrors are making a come back, used in hallways, bathrooms and small accessories like vases, trays and picture frames.
  6. Up-cycling and revamping your granny’s old furniture may sound old hat as was so popular in 2015 but you’ll find its still trickling into 2016. But we want to be more creative than we have ever been.
  7. Denim is going to be very popular in soft furnishings. Think patchwork denim bedspreads, upholstered club chairs and long draped multicoloured denim curtains. So I say dig out those old pair of jeans you can no longer fit into and get sewing!