Your entrance hallway often sets the tone for your entire house and deserves to be considered a focal point within your home. It is the first area guests see of your home giving you the perfect opportunity to impress. This guide offers some design tips on how to make your hallway a neater, brighter, lovelier space.

In the late 18th century hallways were used as tranquil, restful places in today’s modern homes hallways are a well-used often busy room. Although you may not spend much time there it is still possible to create a bold dramatic look offering the wow factor for when guests enter your home. It must be considered however where and how you will make the statement as often hallways can be long and narrow therefore overcrowding the space with too many accessories and furniture can destroy your overall look.

The use of mirrors

 A great way to make an impact is with the use of mirrors. Mirrors are almost a necessity for any room in your home but especially your hallway. You can create almost a mirrored wall effect with multi-facet mirror creating the illusion of a larger space. The mirrors are able to reflect the natural daylight and will also draw attention from the long narrow space. What’s more they will create a stunning look! 

Another way to incorporate a mirror into you hallway is above a console table. If you have a narrow hallway a console table is a must as it offers both practicality and style. Often console tables fit sleekly against your wall and take up little space if pieced with a mirror they can create a striking look.

Check out this blog post from The Ana Mum Diary on how she used our Georgina round mirror to create a stunning modern look to her hallway!

Keep it clean

 One fundamental rule of your hallway is to make sure it is neat and tidy. Often there is little space in your hallway therefore cluttering it up with unnecessary accessories will not do it any justice. Ideally a cupboard or shelf should be used to hang guests coat so they are neat and tidy and what’s more they do not spoil the look of your hallway.                    

Selecting your flooring

 Flooring is another important aspect of any hallway if you have wooden floors or carpet a doormat is great as it helps to distinguish the space whilst also preserving your carpet or flooring. What’s more there are lots of attractive doormats available allowing you to select one that will complement the style of your hallway.

Consider different flooring options; carpet, stone, tiles or wood for smaller hallways a light wooden flooring can create a bright airy feel. If you’re fortunate enough to have a large space to play with why not opt for a carpet offering warmth to your home.  

Ambient lighting

 The final element to consider in your hallway is lighting. Lighting is crucial and can be used creatively in your hallway space. Install lights on 2 levels allowing you to create an atmosphere depending on the time of the day. Spotlights or ceiling lights are great for the day time however a lamp or wall light can create a wonderful ambience on an evening.

Think of your hallway as a separate space from your stairway lighting it from above rather than below. We hope this guide has offered you some design tips on how to utilise the best space in your hallway and add a decorative flair. Although not the most lived room in your home hallways offer the opportunity for you to get creative and demonstrate some if your personality.

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The Exclusive Mirrors Team x