We were so excited when we found out some of our products were going to be featured on the latest series of Cowboy Builders & Bodge Jobs. We donated the mirror to help out families that have become victims of Cowboy Builders and DIY disasters.

Exclusive Mirrors featured in 2 episodes with the first one airing on the 29th September and the second airing on the 9th October.


The first episode our mirror was featured in saw a couple from Luton requiring help after their DIY plans had gone a bit awry. The renovation took place in the living room and removed the old plasterboard which had gone slightly wrong as well as removing old shelving and giving the room a modern touch.

To help give the room a stylish revamp our Millie Antique Champagne mirror was featured above a beautiful cream console table creating a stunning focal point. Our mirror was positioned on some decorative subtly patterned wallpaper and hung landscape adding instant interest to the wall.

ee1614 1                          

Cowboy Builders Team carefully mounting the mirror.



The second episode featured our Glass Framed Mitred Corners Mirror. The Cowboy Builders team visited Spalding where a flood in the families bathroom during building work had leaked down to the rooms below causing damage.

The team set about fixing the bathroom as well as fixing the damage caused to the living room and giving it a well deserved makeover. Our mirror was used as the centre piece above the fireplace and looked stunning on the decorative red wallpaper.

ee036 1                      

Cowboy Builders carefully mounting the mirror.

ee036 3                        

A close up shot of the mirror adding light and space to this modern stylish living room.

. ee036 2                      

The finished living room look! Look out for more of our mirrors being featured on the next series which is due to air in January!