Exclusive Mirrors appeared on channel 5's latest daytime TV series To B&B The Best. The series follows Lisa Holloway who owns her own B&B as she tours around the UK helping aspiring B&B owners. The show features homeowners who may have a spare room or a summer house which they wish to let out to guests.

She provides helpful tips on what they can do to improve their current B&B experience to appeal to more customers. Many of the B&B's also received a fabulous makeover towards the end making the room look homely and welcoming.

Exclusive Mirrors featured on Tuesdays episode where a couple from Ripon Yorkshire have lavished a madcap Alice & Wonderland theme upon their Summer garden house. The couple loved the Alice & Wonderland theme therefore the makeover incorporated Alice in Wonderland inspired accessories. Exclusive Mirrors donated a "through the looking glass" style cheval mirror to complement the theme.

image 1                       

Exclusive Mirrors full length ornate cheval mirror - shop similar mirror here.

image 2                      

Room shot - the full length mirror helps project light around the summer house. image 3                    

Room shot - the stove and painted dining room furniture all add to the quirky theme.

image 4                    

Bed shot- showing the Alice In Wonderland themed lamps, cushions, wall clocks and decorative wall art. Catch the episode on Demand 5 until 3rd August 2016.