If you are starting the new year with a home makeover and have been redesigning some of the rooms in your home, one way of decorating the walls is to put up a large or extra-large mirror. Venetian mirrors are ideal for this purpose as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your requirements. There are many plus points to choosing a Venetian mirror for a specific room. These mirrors lend themselves quite nicely to most kinds of d├ęcor as they are ornate and intricate in nature. The small etched pieces of glass form their own pieces of art whatever the design you choose. Here are two options that could be chosen for your redesigned room: Large Glass Framed '45 Degree' Mirror This bevelled glass mirror is particularly versatile, with its 45 degree cut corners and would go well in almost any room, whether this is traditional or modern. Another benefit is that it can be hung on the wall as either a portrait or landscape mirror. Extra Large Black/Clear Venetian 'Bubble' Mirror If you are looking for something that is simply outstanding, making for the focal point of the room, you could do far worse than go for this huge mirror. With its defined clear and black design, you can place it as your hall or over mantle mirror to catch the attention of all your guests.