These days, with the fact that there are so many designs of wall mirror available, it can be difficult to focus in on a particular style that really takes your fancy. It is often the frame that really draws you in and makes the mirror seem perfectly placed in your home. This means that you need to consider the sort of frame that would go best with the décor of the room that will be housing your new mirror. In order to select the right frame you need to think about the shape and size of it as well as its design. The room where you will be placing the wall mirror will give you some indication of the size of frame you should be looking for and the space available can help determine the ideal shape. When you search for the frame that will provide the perfect contrast to, or go seamlessly with, the décor of the room you need to consider whether an extravagant, ornate or a plainer wall mirror would be most suitable. There are many different styles of frame out there so it is worth going over what is essential to you with regards to the mirror purchase and this should help you to whittle down the options till you know exactly what would really enhance the room.