Whilst we are incredibly still in the thick of winter, we are about to move into Sping and hopefully will encounter warmer weather soon (we hope!) and can enjoy being outdoors in the warm sunshine. Sadly for now, we will have to settle for relaxing indoors, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom – incorporate some beautiful floral mirror styles into your home for an on-trend springtime look. Overview Decorative mirrors with floral style frames are beautifully designed and can bring a touch of class to your home. They can be subtle or grand and are available in a range of finishes for a look that is easy to blend in with your home’s interior whilst also giving it a fresh look. Whilst floral designs tend to have a feminine quality to them, with the right colours and frame style they can also have a more masculine edge – making floral mirrors a versatile investment for your home. Frames Mirrors with wooden frames which feature floral detailing have a vintage quality to them which makes them perfect for complimenting a more traditional home but can also bring a more unique look to modern interiors. Look out for styles with subtle floral details in metallic finishes for a more authentic look. Glass mirrors frames have the benefit of featuring more artistic designs, in particular styles with Rococo, Baroque and Venetian influences. They can feature laser cut designs which allow for precise detail which can look striking in the home. Other glass mirror styles can look ‘frameless’ at a distance to create a more open effect on your walls but up close reveal the delicate detail on the framework. Styles Floral wall mirrors are perfect for spring as they help to create a warm ambience which makes your home feel more relaxed and inviting. Large mirrors are more commanding and draw the focus of the room but as a piece of décor they look chic and designer and give a fresh new look to a room. They look especially striking in the living room, where they can be hung above the mantel or the fireplace for a beautiful look. In the bedroom, floral detailed frames on dressing table or cheval mirrors add a classic touch which can give your bedroom a more luxurious feel, which is great for blending with existing floral themes in your room or adding a standalone detail which is more understated. Floral designs aren’t commonplace in the bathroom, but you can incorporate the look by choosing a glass mirror style floral mirror which will be easy to clean and won’t be too distracting for the rest of the décor. Wooden floral styles however can look grand in a bathroom, especially if you have a large space and want to recreate the luxury hotel/country chateau type interior. Floral mirrors will uplift your mood and add some romantic details to your home this spring. For more fantastic styles, visit Exclusive Mirrors’ selection of large wall mirrors here.