They say black goes with everything – but have you ever considered using white as a staple colour? White mirrors in particular are a simple and effective way of updating the look of your home, and have many benefits that make them a great colour choice. Not only do they look clean and polished but white wall mirrors also blend in with virtually all colour schemes, making them a worthwhile investment. White decorative mirrors are available in a range of styles, from classic Rococo style mirrors with a touch of classic vintage design, to modern Art Deco type mirrors, meaning there are plenty of styles to choose from depending on your personal tastes. They also come in a range of finishes from wood to metal and as lacquered glass frames which are ideal for the bathroom. There are a whole host of benefits associated with white framed mirrors. They can instantly brighten dark rooms by adding a lightening contrast, which will be sure to make a statement in your home. White mirrors with ornate frames are especially effective at making an impression, ensuring that you get value out of your purchase, rather than having it blend in unnoticed on the wall. Another benefit of white framed mirrors is that they have a clean and fresh look to them which extends to the rest of the room. Whether on the wall or as a standalone mirror, the bright white frames will give a room a pure look – just make sure that you take the time to clean and polish the mirror, as dust will be more visible on a white frame. This is perhaps most useful in the bathroom, which you would want to look the cleanest, and as most white bathroom mirrors feature painted lacquer frames, they are easy to keep clean and will fare better in the damp environment than wooden mirrors. In rooms that are lacking in space, a decorative white mirror can open up a space, and make it feel larger, as well as adding light. The bright colour will also draw attention from the parts of the room that you’re less keen on, a perfect decorative distraction. Looked after properly, white mirrors can be a fantastic decorative piece for your home. They are a great alternative to natural wooden frames or glass framed mirrors and are a very versatile item. As your tastes change and develop over the years, a white mirror will continue to blend in with your interior, guaranteeing longevity and a valuable investment. Exclusive Mirrors has a wide range of white mirror styles, which can be found here.