If you are someone who gets bored easily and doesn’t like their home decoration to stay the same for too long, maybe it is time for a redesign. Simply moving around furniture can go some way to reinvigorating the look of your home, but sometimes the addition of a new decoration can really do the trick. The following are new mirrors which have recently been released onto the market and so are designs which will give any room a new focal point and transform it into something remarkable. Large Antique Silver Framed 'Capriani' Mirror This ornate hand-finished mirror comes with a high quality wooden frame and is flexible enough to be hung either as a portrait or landscape decoration. Silver Overmantle 'Abby' Mirror If you are looking for an over mantle mirror, then you can rest assured that this design, which is also available in cream, will be able to provide the focal point for the room. Large 'Shanghai' Mirror This large wooden framed mirror is available in white, red, black and silver, so you can choose the colour that goes best with the décor in your home. There are many other modern and traditional mirrors you can select from to ensure that your redesigned room is given the overhaul it deserves.