Happy New Year! A brand new year calls for a brand new set of interior design trends and we're super excited to share these trends for the year ahead! We’ve been searching through blog posts, interior magazines and spoke with bloggers to get a feel for the new trends that will take 2017 by storm.

We've picked our favourite 5 trends for the year and one's we think are simply fantastic! It may be that now is the time you're planning your renovation or decorating for the year ahead and therefore could use these trends to help shape your interior. But first let us inspire you; we've pulled together elements from each of the trends into one simple collage which would also make a fantastic moodboard!


Bringing the Outdoors in:

We're kicking things off with bringing the outdoors in! Now you may be thinking but we've seen this trend done lots of times before, however in 2017 the influence of the outdoors is brand new and will take inspiration from coastal themes. Think Fair Isle and the seaside with lots of white wash settings. With this brand new trend comes a whole new colour palette too; lots of pale shades like blue, green, lilac and pearly whites. We’ll see a shift from the exceptionally popular dark walls to cooler, calming colours that reflect the tranquil nature of the coast.

Creating this trend is fairly easy think raw, authentic materials like rattan whether that is a rattan lamp or a cane bed. It's important with this trend to accessories as often neutral colours have a tendency to give off a cold, harsh feel. Porthole mirrors, round window mirrors and even hanging mirrors that incorporate materials like rope would look fantastic on your walls and help tie this theme together.

Reflective Surfaces:

Mirrored furniture is going to take centre stage in 2017 and we're pretty excited! Reflective surfaces as a whole are making a major comeback with materials like mirror and coloured glass being incorporated into furniture and accessories to create a striking focal point. Think brass, pewter and antique bronze legs following the muted metals trend mixed with bevelled or even antique style mirrored glass to create striking pieces of furniture that will certainly have the wow factor.

The beauty of mirrored furniture is that it can reflect the light from various angles illuminating your room beautifully. Accessories like reflective vases, trays and of course mirrors are also key to this trend allowing you to subtly implement the style into your existing living space. Mixing muted metals with mirrored glass can create a powerful contrast that will add a burst of life to any current setting.


Muted Metals:

Step aside copper it's time for Brass to shine! 2016 saw a rise in metallic metals in various colourful shades like copper, pink, yellow and even turquoise. In 2017 subtle certainly trumps glitz where metals are concerned, think oxidised metals like pewter and antique brass.

These matte style designs offer a higher level of sophistication to your interior and can easily be incorporated into your existing living space. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate this trend our champagne and antique brass finished mirrors will certainly do the job as their understated frames are able to add luxury and style to your room.

King of Lighting; The Chandelier:

Chandeliers will continue to rule the lighting world when it comes to making a striking focal point. Used for both functionality and style the chandelier really is a win win when it comes to your lighting needs. Perfect for just about any room the chandelier has even started making an appearance in our bathrooms, hanging beautifully over a bath tub or sink. The beauty of a chandelier is that it can instantly transform a room so if you’re decorating on a budget or perhaps after a quick fix changing your current ceiling light to a chandelier can really make quite the impact.

In 2017 we're going to see a rise is contemporary styled chandeliers. Think glass globe and jar style chandeliers as well as star pendants and spherical chandeliers. The positioning of a chandelier is also very important ensuring the chandelier is positioned close to a mirror or reflective surface will help illuminate your living perfectly.


Bold Styling:

2017 will see us all being a little braver with our interiors (or so we predict). We'll see a shift from the classic magnolia or beige colours which are considered fairly safe to the more striking and bold colours which we all want to live with! These bold decisions don't end with our colour choices they will shape our entire interior styling meaning we'll see more striking focal points throughout our home.

This trend can easily be achieved by picking a statement piece of furniture such as a large oversized mirror, a stunning piece of wall art or even an usual floor lamp and teaming it with other smaller accessories. The idea is to create a look that will turn heads when a guest enters your home creating the wow factor appearance.