Whether you are looking to redecorate your house or are looking to completely renovate it a mirror is the finishing touch to any living space. Mirrors are less expensive accessories that you simply can’t go wrong with when it comes to decorating your home. If strategically placed you can help brighten up your room and even add more depth and dimension.

Due to their functionality and decorative purposes interior designers have always incorporated a mirror into any room they are styling. Although one mirror may seem sufficient this article demonstrates how you can create a stunning high impact design with the use of multiple mirrors.

Multiple Mirrors in Your Home

 Although a simple concept the use of multiple mirrors is the one with perhaps the highest impact of all. Multiple mirrors can be used effectively in any room in your home. If you have a small dining space for example you can create almost a window effect using multiple mirrors to reflect the light and open up your space. Ensure the mirrors are positioned at a height where they can reflect other furniture pieces this will create a unique dimension to the room giving off the impression that it is bigger than it actually is. In narrow rooms like your hallway or even a small bedroom the use of multiple mirrors would also be extremely effective.

Try hanging multiple mirrors on either side of the wall, creating an illusion of space and increased depth. The mirror will create an eye catching design and will attract attention from any guests that enter into your home. The mirrors will make your space look like a never-ending tunnel helping to extend your room.

Another trick with multiple mirrors is to lengthen a room horizontally. If you have a dining room or living room that would benefit from a few extra feet hang multiple mirrors on their side. This trick helps the room look elongated as well as adding a decorative flair to your wall. Position your mirrors at eye level or higher ensuring they reflect furniture like a painting or the light fixture this will help create the illusion of a larger space. When selecting multiple mirrors opt for a simple, elegant frame that will enhance your wall without overpowering your home environment.

Combination Mirrors

 Combination mirrors are another simple design trick that can help brighten up your space and create a unique look within your home. Combination mirrors are made up of individual mirrored pieces to create an overall mirror design. This classic gold framed combination mirror can be tailored to your own preferences by selecting how many pieces you would like to feature and how far apart you would like each piece to sit.

Combination mirrors create a sparkle effect within your home as each piece will reflect the light instantly brightening up your living space.

EE931 Classic Gold Framed 9 Piece Combination Mirror              

Create the Designer Look in Your Own Home

This interior designer has used a combination of 4 multi facet mirrors to create a striking look in this hallway. The individual mirrors refract the light at slightly different angles, breaking up the reflections in them so the entire room seems bigger than it actually is. The use of these multiple mirrors not only helps to brighten up the narrow hallway, they also act as a piece of art adding a decorative flair to the neutral painted wall.

The multi-facet mirrors will also instantly grab the attention of guests walking into the hallway making a wonderful first impression on entering the home. As demonstrated in the picture due to their all mirrored design the multi-facet mirrors will blend seamlessly into any home décor. These mirrors are decorative pieces offering a subtle art deco feel and work exceptionally well pieced together.

multiple mirrors                

Designed by NJ Designs, London (www.nj-designs.co.uk)

There’s no denying that multiple mirrors are a simple yet effective way to enhance your room and if used strategically around your home can offer increased light and space. Experiment with the use of multiple mirrors and create the designer look in your own home.