We are now officially into the British summer and we have to say we’ve had some gorgeous sunny days already long may they continue! The summer season brings to mind easy, breezy relaxed days. It’s all about embracing the outdoors and enjoying the light nights. Why not bring that sense of excitement and relaxation into your home décor.

Creating a positive vibe in your home is essential during the summer months and can help lift the spirts of the entire family. You don’t have to break the bank either, there’s many ways to add a touch of summer to your home interior using budget friendly techniques. In this guide we have some great tips and ideas helping you to achieve a wonderful summer look in your home.

Bring the outdoors in

Enjoying the sunshine and embracing the natural environment is all part of the fun of summer so why not bring this feel inside your home. Fresh flowers and plants are a great way to incorporate an outdoor feel into your home! Many summer flowers also include a wonderful scent.

Flowers will enhance just about any room in your home feature them on you coffee table, kitchen table or in the centre of your dining table to create a stunning centre piece. We recently collaborated with Amanda the author of the Ana Mum Diary blog who used our Georgina round mirror to create a stunning focal point in her hallway. Here Amanda uses fresh flowers featured on a sideboard with the mirror hung above to create a welcoming look that will catch the eye of guests entering her home.

georgina round mirror                      

Picture from: Ana Mum Diary Blog

The small touches count

Shake off spring and start thinking about summer. Simple accent pieces can help add a summer feel to your home such as vases, wall art, cushions, throws and candles. When choosing throws and cushions opt for lighter fabrics such as linen and cotton as these are breathable fabrics that will create that all important breezy relaxed feel.

At Exclusive Mirrors we supply mirrored wall art which offers a subtle elegant touch to your wall. A mirrored wall art will not only add a decorative flair to your wall it will also help to reflect the light brightening up your home.

A further simple trick in Summer is to move furniture around your home although it may be a subtle change moving a lamp or changing the positon of your mirror can have an impact on the feel of your home and can help to create the illusion of more space

. butterfly                  

  Introduce light

Adding light to your home is one of the most important elements during summer. Not only will it help create a positive vibe it will also allow create the feel of summer right through your home. There are 2 ways to introduce light into your home natural light and artificial light. For high traffic areas in your home such as your hallway and kitchen adding an additional light during the summer months may be beneficial this can be achieved by adding a lamp or even candles.

For customers after something a bit more glamorous the introduction of a chandelier can help add a French inspired feel. For rooms that enjoy a lot of daylight such as your bedroom or living room make the most of this light by introducing a mirror. A mirror will help reflect the natural daylight and project it around your home.

Ensure your mirror is positioned directly opposite natural daylight allowing it to be reflected and therefore helping to brighten up your home. Window mirrors are fantastic for summer and are great for living spaces that have a plain wall and lots of natural daylight. The mirror can act as an additional window in your room.

Another great summer inspired mirror are starburst mirrors which offer the illusion of sunshine in your home. Many starburst mirrors have a round centre with a dramatic frame creating the look of a burst of light.

kelsi wondow mirror                      

Add Industrial Accents

Industrial interior design has seen a huge surge in popularity over recent years and is still as popular as ever in 2015. The rustic feel of industrial style furniture offers the ultimate in contemporary style and is often seen in New York loft apartments. However it is possible to create the look in your home; metal, plastic, wood and concrete are perfect materials to work with to create the rustic exposed look.

Another great way to create this look is by salvaging old furniture and repainting add to give it the shabby industrial feel. Combining industrial living furniture pieces such as metal stools and lamps with pastel cushions and accessories will allow you to create the perfect summer look whilst also being bang on trend.

industrial living                          

We hope this post has offered you some great tips on how to add a summer feel to your home. Industrial living is bang on trend and can be achieved in any current home design.

We hope you all have a fantastic summer!

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x