A true antique style can make a bedroom feel cosy and romantic at the same time, a bedroom is probably the best room in the house to go all out there on an antique look whereas in other rooms it could feel clustered. How could we create a true antique style? Choose an antique colour that reflects the colours they would have used in the time era your house was built. Bright wall colours were favoured in the past, don’t be afraid to paint in an antique yellow, green, blue or red. Getting the flooring right can make all the difference to your antique-style room. It is a good idea to opt into a specialist wood flooring, distressed engineered oak flooring. Oak flooring comes in a variety of shades and finishes and can add a superb antique look in your room. You will struggle to create an authentic feel if you insist on keeping your modern day synthetic carpet. Splashing out on genuine wood flooring in a bedroom makes financial sense as you can create that wow factor without breaking the bank on a large section of flooring. Maybe think about buying a wool rug to add more colour and character to your room. A patterned rug can also bring a sense of personality to your room. It is really worth scouring second-hand furniture shops, markets and antique fairs for a bargain. Replica antique furniture tends to be more expensive than the real thing. It’s easy to pick up art-deco dressing tables with mirrors, solid wood wardrobes and sets of drawers for great prices at markets or reclaimed furniture yards. Besides, looking for a bargain is always fun! Warm light is a must for any antique style of bedroom, but none more than an antique-style room. For a truly old fashioned look opt for a tall standard lamp with a wooden base and a tassled shade. A four-poster bed made of dark-coloured wood with a matching nightstand, dresser and vanity table will match the antique style perfectly. Mirrors also play a big part in giving your room an antique feel, hanging various antique style mirrors around the room will give it that extra touch needed. Here are a few extra ideas that could turn your bedroom antique crazy...Hang antique-finished curtain rods in the windows as well as cream-coloured lace curtains in the windows. Covering the bed with sheets and comforter and the pillowcases with the antique-styled covers and top off the bed with a crotched cream-coloured coverlet. Place a ceramic pitcher and bowl set on the vanity table. This was used for washing the face and the hands in the morning. Choose a set that has a floral pattern reflective of days gone by. Place a long crocheted dolly on the dresser. Set a vase of dried roses or wildflowers in the centre of the dolly. Place antique perfume decanters and an antique shaving set on the dresser for decorative purposes. The finishing touches are essential in creating an antique-style room. Again, try flea markets and antique fairs for some authentic vintage or antique fabrics for curtains, or linens and quilts for the bed. Florals always work well, as do simple cotton sheets and pillow cases, with pretty details.