As you are probably aware there are many reasons why people would purchase a wall mirror for some it is to add additional light to their home or perhaps give off the illusion of a larger living space. For others it is a case of purchasing a mirror to add an attractive feature to the wall. Whatever your reason for purchasing a mirror we wanted to offer you some ideas to consider which hopefully will guide you into selecting the perfect mirror for your home.

Wall Mirror Styles: If you are browsing for a mirror online it can sometimes be overwhelming with the large number of options available. Ideally you need to have carried out an evaluation of the different wall mirror styles available. This will allow you to narrow down your choices and make it much easier in your selection process. We have highlighted some styles to contemplate when deciding on your perfect mirror.

The Shape: Mirrors are cut into a variety of different shapes, you have the more traditional rectangular mirror, oval mirrors and then some funky shaped mirrors. Square or rectangular mirrors are the most common type of mirror and can easily blend into your current home décor and will easily fit onto your wall.

Round and oval mirrors offer a softer more delicate feel to your home and generally provide a graceful elegant feel to your room. More abstract mirror designs can often be similar to that of a piece of art. These are often statement pieces and should be positioned on a wall on its own to be truly appreciated.        

The Frame: The frames used for wall mirrors is often similar to that used in paintings. The frame can be made from a range of materials like wood, plastic and tiles. Some frames are simple and complement the mirror really showing off the glass. Other frames offer decorative detail, these again offer an artistic impression that would create a focal point in your home.

 Frames are available in a wide range of finishes including silver, gold, black, cream and many more allowing you the flexibility to blend your mirror into your current home décor.There are also frames decorated to portray different artistic styles such as Art Deco and vintage.  

 No Frame: Many mirrors are supplied frameless this is a popular style and one opted for by many people. A frameless design allows the mirror to be truly appreciated without being overpowered by a heavily decorative frame. Frameless mirrors can offer a simple understated style that is often seen in many contemporary home designs.

A frameless mirror will reflect the light beautifully making it the perfect option if youÂ’re looking to brighten up your living space.   

Practicality: When searching for a mirror it may be that you require something more than a 2 dimensions flat wall mirror. If you are searching for a bathroom mirror there are functional mirrors out there that are designed with additional storage in the back of the mirror much like a bathroom cabinet.

There are also mirrors supplied with lights and even shelves. All these practical mirrors have the added benefit of saving you additional space in your bathroom.     

Positioning Your Mirror: A wall mirror can easily be incorporated into any room in your home providing you have the free wall space. There are many mirror designs that would blend effortlessly into multiple rooms in your home. When shopping for your mirror we would advise you have a room in mind of where you will position your mirror, this will allow you to visual each mirror in your home and should hopefully help you choose the perfect design. Below we have offered some ideas on typical positioning of mirrors in your home.

Hallway: Typically hallways can be fairly narrow and long therefore placing a mirror here will instantly give off the impression of a much larger space as well as additional light. Your hallway is generally the place where you will welcome guests into your home therefore having a mirror here will also help visitors feel at ease in your home. It is also very practical as it allows you to quickly check your reflection and make any adjustments before you leave the house.

Living Room: Living rooms or family rooms are the place where people tend to spend most of their time therefore you should place your statement piece here to wow guests. Overmantle wall mirrors are often used in the living room to create a beuatiful focal point in the room. This can help add warmth to your home and helps to tie the room together nicely. The bigger the mirror the better in your living room as not only will this help the mirror catch the light it will cleverly give off the illusion of a larger space. Perfect for homes with smaller living spaces.

Bedroom: Often multiple mirrors are used in this room in your home for both style and practicality. Bedroom mirrors can be easily co-ordinated with other bedroom furniture for a great effect, you may even wish to tie a mirror in with mirrored furniture like bedside tables or dressers. Full length mirrors are also a popular choice in bedrooms and can easily be hung on the walls or sometime featured on the back of doors. These provide a full length reflection which helps when dressing and grooming.

Bathroom: A wall mirror is the perfect addition to any bathroom, unless you have the luxury of a large bathroom space which could easily feature a freestanding mirror a wall mirror is a practical choice.  Wall mirrors take up no floor space allowing for additional bathroom fittings. They are also extremely functional and can be useful when brushing your teeth, shaving and grooming. A wall mirror can successfully transform any room will always look fabulous.

We hope this guide has offered you some helpful tips in choosing your ideal mirror. At Exclusive mirrors we have a wide range of wall mirrors with decorative and non-decorative frames. If you require any further advice or would like to ask any questions on our mirrors speak to one of our specialists on 01709 477701. Look out for more blog posts soon offering design and style advice.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x