The glamorous era of Art Deco dates back to the 1920’s and 1930’s and had a big impression on interior design. Mirrors of the Art Deco period are seen to ooze luxury and elegance and are the perfect addition to any home décor. Varying in sizes, styles, designs and shapes you are sure to find an Art Deco style that suits your taste and would complement your current home designs.

History of Art Deco Mirrors: The Art Deco era is said to have originated in Paris during the 1920’s. This period was responsible for many drastic changes in home interior. Art Deco encompasses strong geometric patterns with less focus on ornate elements. The Art Deco style was exceptionally bold and would make a huge impact in any room.

Many Art Deco mirrors feature sleek lines and are crafted using more exotic materials. The Art Deco designs offered a sense of luxury and class to any home. The adherence to symmetry is essential in Art Deco designs and the style is a classic, timeless look that never seems to date. Nowadays with films like the Great Gatsby becoming extremely popular we have become influenced by the Art Deco style in our home designs.

Common Materials Used in Art Deco Mirrors:Many modern mirrors feature a standard all glass design. With Art Deco the mirrors often feature extravagant frames crafted from a range of different materials. Traditionally common materials used to manufacture Art Deco mirrors include:

  • Bronze- This is a strong material that offers a classic, period feel
  • Chrome- This attractive material offers a smooth polished finish
  • Wrought Iron – A hardwearing material that is strong and sturdy

Different Styles of Art Deco Mirrors: When browsing for an art décor mirror we have listed some of the common art deco mirror styles

Overmantle Mirror- Overmantle mirrors are to be featured above your mantle piece. Traditionally they are in the centre of your living space therefore an Art Deco style overmantle mirror would create a striking focal point.

Wall Mirror- A wall mirror offers the flexibility to feature in any room in your home. An Art Deco wall mirror is perfect for enhancing any room and with the wide range of colours available you are sure to find one that will blend into your current colour scheme.

Hand Mirror- If you want to fully encompass the Art Deco style a hand mirror is the perfect option. As well as looking stylish featured in your home it is also practical, being compact and fully manoeuvrable.

Dressing Table Mirror- Dressing table mirrors. These are practical and can enhance the look of your bedroom as well as providing additional light to help brighten up your room.

Typical Features of Art Deco Mirrors: Etching Designs: Etching involves the process of engraving patterns into the design of the mirror. This is popular with Art Deco style mirrors and many mirror usually incorporate some etching towards the outer edges.

Fan Styles: This very common designs is associated with the Art Deco style. With strong symmetry this design ticks all the boxes of an Art Deco style and would look fabulous in your home.

Bevelling: Often the glass used in Art Deco mirrors is bevelled at the edges. This means the edge of the glass is angled to create a unique look.

Triptychs: This design is used in dressing tables mirrors and involves the use of three panels hinged together in an angled shape to create a side angle reflection.

Metallic Coating: Many Art Deco mirrors provide gold, silver and bronze coatings to offer a decorative feature to the mirror.

We hope this guide has offered you some helpful tips and inspired you to experiment with the timeless art deco style in your own home. We invite you to browse are full Art Deco range. For any further advice or if you have any questions of any of our mirrors please call us on 01709 477701. Look out for further buying advice guides. The Exclusive Mirrors Team x