The mirror in your living room can become the focal point of room quite easily - if you have the right mirror. Choosing the right mirror can make all the difference to how your room looks, whether it is a stylish art deco mirror, which perfectly reflects the feeling of your stylish room, or a modern mirror which is simplistic in design yet harks of a contemporary finish. Mirrors can turn your room from a dark and drab place into a room which is filled with reflections of natural and artificial light which seamlessly cascade throughout the room. In fact, many people choose to have a mirror, not for its looks or for the purpose of seeing their own reflection, but just to bring more light into the room. If you are choosing a mirror for a living room, one of the first things to think about is the position in the room in where the mirror will be fitted. One of the classic places is the chimney breast. The chimney breast is the perfect place to hang a mirror. And if you have a fireplace, a mirror hanging above a fireplace can be the perfect way to finish off a room.