This year we're doing Valentines day a little differently!

When we think of Valentines day we automatically think of pink and red love hearts, roses and of course chocolates! The love heart symbol has to be one of today's most popular signs, however we wanted to delve a little deeper into why we actually use the love heart symbol to symbolise love. We did a bit of research and came across some interesting finds as to where the love heart symbol may have originated from.

Brief Look Back At The Heart Symbol

The first piece of information we found was that Egyptians believed that the human heart was a moral compass, whilst in Ancient Greece the belief was that the human heart was thought to contain one's soul. Soon enough we started seeing more and more people draw connections between the human heart and love.

Looking back at medieval tapestry and art the love heart symbol began appearing as a symbol of love. Suitors would offer their heart to a lady as a symbol of romance and commitment. In England Valentines Day celebrations took off around the 17th Century where poems and love notes became the "in thing" to do, and so the heart shaped symbol became a keeper!

Today we see heart shapes everywhere and not just around Valentines day. We've got heart shaped wall art, accessories, sweets and you can pretty much cook anything you like in the shape of a heart. We wanted to share our favourite kind of love heart with you all, and of course we're not biased (ok maybe a little bit) ... the HEART SHAPED MIRROR!

Although these style mirrors work perfectly for Valentines day they can make a stunning appearance in your home year round. Due to their versatile frames finished in gold, silver, cream and even champagne they can blend into any home decor. Their heart shape is perfect for making a focal point and look great positioned above your mantle place or above a console table.

Watch our Happy Heart Day Video below, we hope you all have a lovely Valentines Day x

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