2015 was a great year for home style! In 2015 at Exclusive mirrors we saw a huge demand for round and oval shaped mirrors as we moved away from the traditional rectangular styles. We introduced our heart shaped mirrors range as customers sought after more modern, funky shaped mirrors. We also introduced our crystal framed mirrors range as the modern glamour style remained at large in 2015 with elegant, bold statement pieces being used to create a glamorous feel.

In this post we’ve taken inspiration from Houzz a leading online community in interior design and home improvements to see what the major trends of 2016 will be. We’ve selected our top 4 and shared them below!

Formal Dining Rooms:

Houzz reports that many homeowners are choosing to keep their dining rooms as formal dining areas as opposed to using them as a second sitting room, office or play room. We hope this trend is here to stay as we love nothing more than a beautifully carved dining table along with matching sideboard and other furniture pieces.

We also enjoy dressing our table with candles and stunning centrepieces for different occasions. What’s more a mirror is a perfect addition to any dining room helping to increase space and adding to the formal sophisticated setting.

formal dining room                                  

Statement Bathroom Mirrors:

We struggled to contain our excitement when we saw this trend! Say goodbye to traditional rectangle style bathroom mirrors and say hello to bold striking bathroom mirrors. Houzz predicts 2016 will be the year of the statement bathroom mirror. We understand that sometimes a simple rectangular mirror can do the job especially ones with led lights and cabinets that are great at saving space however we can’t help but be excited over introducing statement mirrors to our bathrooms.

There’s no denying just how much of a statement a mirror can make in a bathroom. Check out this large art deco fan style mirror below. This stunning mirror was used by an interior designer who we worked with in 2015 and looks fantastic featured above this sink giving a modern very bold statement.

art deco fan1                            

Gadget Free Spaces: Tv’s, gadgets and other techie stuff is not going anywhere in 2016 because let’s face it we need them in our homes. However Houzz suggest more and more people are choosing to keep their living rooms a technology free zone or at least being more discreet with their tech pieces.

Hiding your sky box and DVD player in cabinets or units is a great way to add style to your home and keep the techie stuff to a minimum. We’re also a huge fan of positioning your TV in the wall so it fits seamlessly within your room and avoids stealing the attention from your ornaments and accessories.

tv in wall                          

Return of the fireplace: The fireplace is set to make a return in 2016 with Houzz predicting more and more families will centre their entire living room around the fireplace. We love fireplaces whether they’re functioning or not they can create a gorgeous centrepiece and are one of the first thing guests look at as they enter your room.

A fireplace is nothing without a mirror adorning the wall above it. There are so many different styles and designs to go for whether you’re thinking more elegant and traditional or modern and stylish. Round mirrors have been exceptionally popular for user above a fireplace in 2015 and we hope this continues well into 2016.

gold mirror instagram                                    

For further inspiration check out our statement pinboard here. The Exclusive Mirrors team x