Mirrors have a wide range of different uses, some which are well-known such as when getting dressed and seeing how clothes look on a person and for a man to shave without cutting himself, while others are not so common - like to aid in sport. One way many athletes and those into sports are using mirrors is to develop muscle. You may have seen mirrors in gyms and sports centres as these decorative objects help people to check themselves and the position they are in to make sure they are carrying out a certain exercise correctly or not. They can flex their muscles using them and may also pose in front of a mirror in a changing room to see how their body is progressing. In a sport such as bodybuilding, participants often use these as a tool to aid them in their progress. They certainly do more than simply admire themselves and what the image displays, but they contemplate every movement to see how their preparation is going. In the next article we will look at this in a bit more detail and see how useful these objects can be, especially when you use a full length wall mirror, displaying a person’s full form.