In the last article, we explained how mirrors can be used for a number of different purposes as well as being placed on a wall as a decoration. They can actually serve to help sports men and women with their exercise regime and ensure they are carrying this out correctly. We will now consider how full length wall mirrors can be great in helping those involved with bodybuilding and weightlifting. As weights are used in various repetitions, the sportsperson can see how their form is improving and that the exercise is working in the proper manner. You can use a mirror to closely inspect how well you are doing and then step away again afterwards. If you find that you are not performing the exercise in the right way, you can always modify it accordingly until you get into the perfect rhythm and are doing your sets correctly. Mirrors can also help these people involved in sports to visualise the way they would ideally want to look and this can give them motivation as they see their body start to develop further. This is great for muscle toning and the transformation is right there before your eyes, giving you gratification.