A mirror is ideal for making any small space appear bigger and adds to the illusion that a room is more spacious than it actually is. Due to the fact that natural light is reflected by the mirror, the place also seems much brighter too. So these are the benefits of hanging a mirror in a prime location within the home, but what about how to hang it onto the wall? Large wall mirrors are a popular choice for those looking to create the effect above, where a room seems larger than it really is. However, as they are considerably more bulky than standard sized mirrors, you need to approach the hanging of the mirror very carefully. Be sure to get the positioning right. In order to ensure the large wall mirror is placed safely and securely onto the selected wall, you should take care not to damage the mirror when handling it. Don’t be shy at asking for help to mount the mirror as it is more important not to risk injury or ruining the mirror by dropping it. As well as the safety aspects, you need to have the right equipment to hand. This means you need to buy a decent quality D-ring picture hanger that is not easy to bend. The hanging wire also needs to be durable and strong, while you need to select the right sized wall anchors. All this will obviously depend on the size and shape of your mirror.