Spring is the time to put away the scarves, gloves and boots and bring out the sunglasses and umbrellas. Or in the case of your home put away the throws and thick rugs and replace with bright bold cushions and floral arrangements. Spring has arrived and already we’re feeling a positive energy throughout our homes.

In this guide we offer some simple tips on ways to revive your home décor and invite Spring into your home. With a few small changes you can wake up to a fresh bright home that will see you right through until Autumn.

Clutter Control

Spring is the best time to give your home a thorough clean helping to give it that fresh positive feel. Along with cleaning comes de-cluttering your entire home. Now is the perfect time to get rid of the additional clutter in your home that has been accumulated throughout the Winter months.

Be selective over the decorative items you display and store away items that are simply cluttering up your home. If you wish to save items purchasing a storage unit such as a set of drawers or sideboard is a great option. This mirrored 6 drawer chest offers a sleek elegant design and offers great storage space. The drawers take up little floor space yet will create a wonderful feature in your home!

EE2774 Mirrored 6 Drawer New Line Chest 68 x 126 x 45cm            

 Mirrored 6 Drawer New Line Chest

Add some colour

Pastel pink, dusty blues, mint greens and yellow are all perfect colours to introduce into your home this time of year. These colours look good either on their own or combined with white, natural decors. Although pastel colours can be associated with a more feminine décor if used tastefully they can also create the perfect masculine look without overpowering your current home design.

Pastel colours can be incorporated in light throws, cushions and even chairs. For something a little more bold and daring floral patterns are bang on trend this season. Bring out floral patterns in rugs, pillowcases and chairs. If you’re a DIY expert you could even get some floral material and re-fabric your existing dining chairs and sofa cushions etc.

Mix these bold colourful floral patterns with natural décor to avoid overpowering your living space. If used correctly you will add a hint of sunshine to your home! Perfect for Spring/Summer.


Blue Metal Stacking Chair

Round Mirrors

Round mirrors are possibly one of the most versatile mirrors on the market. They look great throughout all seasons however due to their soft delicate feel they are perfectly suited to Spring home decors. Spring is all about embracing the natural daylight and with days getting longer a round mirror is perfect for reflecting the light around your room.

What’s more round mirrors can be positioned just about anywhere in your home. For the perfect Spring focal point feature a round mirror in your hallway above a console table featured with a stunning floral arrangement of Spring plants. Starburst mirrors are a specific style of round mirror offering a striking frame which creates a sunshine effect. These mirrors are great for creating the illusion of increased light and space.

EE1533Greystoke Mirror84cm              

Georgina Round Mirror 

Repaint Walls/Furniture

This blog post is all about creating that Spring feel in your home without making drastic changes. Repainting your existing furniture can be a cheaper alternative than replacing the furniture itself. Spring is the best time to start fresh and painting can be the perfect first step.

Existing furniture can become outdated fairly quickly therefore why not revive it by giving it a lick of paint with this season’s hottest colours. Wardrobes, mirrors, sideboards, drawers, chest and many other furniture pieces can easily be painted with bright pastel colours. Enjoy the clean fresh peaceful feel repainting your wall or furniture will create in your home.

Painting your wall or furniture can completely transform the look of your room at very little cost!


We hope this guide has offered you some helpful tips on ways to transform your home for Spring.

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