It is not possible for everyone to have a room entirely dedicated to a library and it may be that a library is incorporated into another rooom such as a dining room or home office. If you want to arrange your own home library then you should decorate it in your own choice of decor, one that represents your personality, but following these tips will help you get started...
  1. First of all, a place is needed to make a home library. Choose a space for it that will allow you to display all of your books, that is easily accessible and will not cause an obstruction within your home.
  2. If it is not possible to dedicate  a room then you can manage a place in any room for this purpose. Consider a space that is quiet and relaxing for you and that has enough room to sit and read.
  3. Next step to decorate a home library is to arrange the books whether it be in book cases or on shelves. A great look is to have a floor to ceiling display.
  4. Next you need to arrange the books in an order. You can keep your books alphabetically or according to the author’s name or according to subject or category. Put custom research papers, books, dissertations together to find them when you need. This will help you to find any specific book easily and quickly.
  5. The next task is to decorate your home library. In this step you can decorate the library room with some furniture such as one table, several chairs, water jug, glasses, tea materials, desk lamp, little show pieces, an easy chair, flower vase, etc. But these things are optional you can use them in your library if enough space is freed there. Bear in mind that the library is the store house of knowledge and so it must be so beautiful to look at.
  6. If you do not yet have many books and are at the start of your collection, it may be worth using a wallpaper that holds an image of books to add intrigue, deep colours and a sense of purpose to the room.
  7. If the room for your home library is too small you can “open” the space and give the illusion of grandeur by using glass framed mirrors. Fix them on the walls to give your library a sense of depth.
  8. Besides decorating you should give some attention to other aspects of the room, such as the amount of natural sunlight coming in. Reading under artificial light can be tiring and can strain the eyes.
  9. Consider the ventilation of the space. Is an air conditioner or electric fan needed? If you intend to 'work' in your library, you do not want to be getting tired or aggravated by unnecessary heat.