The dark nights are closing in and the weather is getting colder as we make the transition from Autumn to Winter. Even if it is cold outside this doesn’t mean you can’t create a warm cosy atmosphere inside your home. Decorating for Winter is an exciting time of year as you can get creative with your interior décor and Christmas is on the horizon!

In this guide we offer some simple styling tips that will add warmth to your home and help you get prepared for the Winter months.

Add Warm Colours

 The first thing to do when transforming your home is to consider the colours of the season. For Winter think fire-hued tones of orange, yellow, gold and red this will instantly create a warmth to your home. If these colours are too harsh opt for softer oranges and yellow with a hint of gold this will have a similar effect whilst also helping to brighten up your home.

Ways to introduce these colours into your home is with blankets, cushions, furniture and rugs. Once you have invested in these items they can be reused each year.

Bring the Outside Indoors

As we don’t tend to venture outside much during Winter why not bring the outdoors inside.

Create a decorative focal point on your dining room table by combining twigs, leaves and berries. This will help you get in the festive spirit and is the perfect way to incorporate elements of the outdoors inside. Adding a wooden framed mirror can also help achieve the look, the wooden frame can bring back fond memories of the outdoors whilst also creating a relaxing, tranquil feel in your home.

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Vintage and rustic are 2 key designs to consider when decorating your home for Winter. Search for some vintage and rustic accessories and introduce at least 1 to each room in your home. These styles are extremely popular at this time of year as they help to bring together a classic and homely effect throughout the Winter.

Wooden ornaments and accessories are a perfect way to introduce a rustic feel to your home they can add elegance and character to your living space.

Layer Up

 Sometimes just looking at a pile of blankets can make us feel warm and cosy. Layering up is a wonderful way of adding warmth to your home and also adds interest to your home design. Add a blanket or throw to your sofa or arm chair these will not only add lovely colours to your home they are also perfect if you want to snuggle up to and get some warmth.

Throws are also a wonderful addition to your bedroom lay it across the bottom of your bed or position it across the corner of your bed to provide you with warmth on chilly nights. Choose high quality blankets and throws that will last you a lifetime wool, fur and cotton are good choices and tend to be very hard wearing.


Introduce Light 

Your fireplace can be a key source of light on a cold, dark Winters night. Make your fireplace the centrepiece of your living space by adapting your fireplace to showcase seasonal elements in your home. Replace the accessories on your mantelpiece with rustic, vintage ones ensuring they are in keeping with the seasonal colour theme.

If you haven’t already invest in an overmantle mirror, with light being so precious in Winter the mirror can help project the light around your room and help to brighten it up. Another seasonal favourite is candles, candles are able to create a warm relaxing ambience in your living space whilst also add a subtle source of light.

Opt for either neutral or seasonal coloured candles, if you wanted to get creative you could also surround the candles with twigs and berries to create a festive look. For the ultimate Winter feel select a scented candle like winter spice or frosted pine