If you are looking to hang a bathroom mirror or cabinet, the best way to approach this task is to treat it like you would a piece of art or glass. By this we mean that you do need to take care with the item and you need to consider the type of wall you are installing it on. Extra care will be required should you be fitting the mirror to a wall that is not made of stone as the fittings need to be strong enough to hold the object onto the wall in a secure manner. Having the right fixings is the first stage of the plan. If these don’t come with the purchase, you will need to go and get fastenings that have the capacity to hold the weight of mirror or cabinet you are putting up there. When doing this, always be sure to adopt a cautious approach and get high grade fastening types. Consider the best point of strength on the wall, so if there is an existing stud up there on the partitioning wall, you can use this to your advantage. Another piece of advice is not to attempt this feat on your own as it is always advisable to have someone else there to ensure the mirror is properly fastened to its fixings. Carry this out slowly until you are certain it is in place.