Mirrors aren’t just for princesses to admire themselves in; they are a great way to add an element of décor and functionality to virtually any room in your house. Liven up the overall feel of a room and add an element of surprise with a simple mirror. Although the effects mirrors have on the overall design scheme of a home are positive, they can be one of the hardest home décor items to find. There are many influential factors to consider when you are purchasing a mirror for your home: style, location, size, and décor. Style It used to be that mirrors were designed specifically for functionality; they were strictly there in order to look at a reflection of yourself in. However, with the passion of interior design advancing, more and more mirror styles have developed, and the common household mirror has evolved into so much more. Mirrors are now considered to be an art-piece or a statement piece of a home’s focal wall; so why not go with something fun? Experiment with an oval mirror, round mirror, leaner mirror, sunburst mirror, or square mirror. Whatever mirror you decide on, make sure that it portrays your style accurately. Location Before you buy a mirror for your home, pick out the area in which you are going to hang your mirror on or the wall you are going to lean it against. If you are redecorating your fireplace, a mirror is great to add above a mantle. Whatever location you choose to place your mirror in, remember to pick a location that enhances the overall feel of the room and if needed, is in a functional area. Size It might sound obvious, but many people ignore this step: Always measure the area you are going to place your mirror in. Nothing is worse than having a wrong sized mirror in a place that needs that extra “pop!” Mirrors are a great way to either add dimension to your room or simply add an element of design to your décor. Typically the larger the mirror, the more dimension it will add to your room, whereas small mirrors are typically used in collections of three; side by side to create a focal point. The Décor Mirrors are a great way to spruce up any room whilst also adding an element of versatility. When looking for the perfect mirror for the room you are redecorating, pick something that you can see a “long term relationship with” or in other words, pick a mirror that you can incorporate into many different décor styles. However, if you are feeling a little more daring in the home décor department, pick a mirror that is trendy and will add an unexpected element of surprise to your room. ***Trend alert: Try a gold starburst mirror above your hallway console table. Author Bio: Leslie Mason is a homemaker and garden expert. Leslie enjoys writing, gardening, do-it-yourself projects, and fixing up the house. She has experience helping home builders in Utah, Arizona, and Washington with decorating model homes. Leslie currently lives with her husband George in Seattle, Washington.