Black can be a daring choice for many when it comes to interior décor however used strategically to create a sophisticated feel black can really enhance your home environment. Black has been around for many years however in more recent years we have seen black used in many contemporary home to offer an elegant feel. We did see black take a backseat a few years ago as we saw the emergence of bright colours being used however with trends like monochrome black is very much back and here to stay.

When decorating with black you should take plenty of care as it can indeed me risky. However if you get it right you have a home environment that exudes elegance and sleek style.  Black is far from being dull and boring it is bold and striking perfect for creating a focal point within your home. In this guide we offer some tips on how you can incorporate black within your current home design.

Accentuate and Highlight

An easy and simple way to incorporate black into a room is to add highlights to neutral walls, this will create a more subtle look that is still very effective. Many home especially new build nowadays follow a white colour scheme therefore this will work perfectly. Oozing elegance and class black highlights within your room whether it be your doorframe, skirting board or picture frame these trims of black will create a sleek space that is much more visually pleasing.

With many modern homes now demonstrating open plan living black highlights within your living space and set out clear boundaries between each room.

Dramatic Feature Wall

While black can easily highlight key features within your home it can also be used to create a striking dramatic feel with the use of an accent wall. This styling tips works exceptionally well if you are looking to feature a piece of artwork or perhaps a photo frame or canvas on a blank wall within your home as the dark wall will instantly draw attention and catch peoples eye when they enter your home.

Although black is associated with being ultra-modern and stylish I can also add warmth to your home creating a wonderful living space.

black feature wall                    

Combine Black and White Black and white is a typical style from the Art Deco period and one which has remained with us for all these years. Withstanding the test of time surely is a reason to use black within your home. If you are looking to create an art deco feel within your home you will need an interior space that has great architectural value.

If you don¬ít your home could become a mess of confused décor. The size of your room is also a factor you should take into consideration, if you have a larger living space you can get away with using more black and still have the feeling of an open and airy space. Smaller rooms will look better with white as the dominant colour and specks of black ensuring you do not decrease the size of your room.

Once you have got the right balance of black and white in your home why not try using a grey to smooth the transition between black and white. This will create a softer feel within your home without looking too dramatic.

The minimal Look

Another approach when working with black is to think as simplistic as possible. It could be black furniture, black paint or black ornaments either way think less is always more. Black works well when your living space is organised and tidy. When decorating with black it encourages you to take a more restrained approach than you would with any other colour pallet. The use of black and white stripes is an elegant way to incorporate black and the slick lines of the stripes will contribute to the minimalistic feel. 

Another great tip is vertical stripes as these can create the illusion that the ceiling is a lot taller than what it actually is.

black light              

A touch of black in your bedroom

Bedrooms are not the place for too much black. In living rooms, dining rooms and even kitchens black can work exceptionally well however there are some other smart ways to incorporate black into your bedroom. For a shabby chic French inspired boudoir a black lamp, chandelier, mirror and even bedframe can work really well. You can even use black wallpaper with a chic print to subtly add black to an accent wall within your bedroom. To create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace within your bedroom opt for a more neutral dominant colour.

A Black Mirror

While some people will love black ceilings, black floors and black walls we would suggest avoiding this unless you are prepared to live with a dark living space. Whatever way you choose to incorporate black into your home you should consider a mirror or even multiple mirror to reflect the light and really brighten up your home. A rooms appeal is increased tenfold with the use of a mirror. You can change the complete feel and look of your space with the addition of a mirror adding glamour to your home.

With some many mirrors styles and designs to choose from you are sure to find one that will blend effortlessly into your home. Black framed mirrors are also a subtle way to introduce black into your home so if you have a neutral wall a black framed mirror would create a dramatic look without overpowering your living space.

black mirrors              

We hope this guide has offered you some helpful tips on introducing a touch of black into your own home environment. Start small with accessories and subtle hints of black to trial it in your home. Look out for further design tips and advice.

The Exclusive Mirrors Team x