Mirrors are a great interior design feature – they suit any decor and come in a range of shapes and sizes. Best of all though, mirrors create the illusion of space, so they’re the perfect accessory for small rooms. Here are some tips on how to cleverly incorporate mirrors into small rooms. How do you Incorporate Mirrors into Small Rooms? It isn’t difficult to find mirror space in even the smallest of rooms – here’s how:
  • Even if you don’t have much wall space for a large mirror, placing one opposite a window will reflect light back into the room, making it appear larger.
  • Think about the view your mirrors are reflecting; arrange them so that they reflect clean, uncluttered parts of the room to create the illusion of space.
  • It’s best to use light colours in small rooms so they feel as spacious as possible. However, if you do have a dark-coloured wall, hanging a large mirror on there is easier than repainting and will create depth.
  • Unframed mirrors appear larger than framed ones, so they’re a good choice for small rooms.
  • Use mirrors to draw attention to a space-enhancing feature such as a deep set fireplace or large window.
  • For particularly narrow rooms, place a mirror on both sides of the room, this will make the area appear wider than it actually is.
  • Place full-length mirrors on the back of doors, especially in rooms like the bathroom, where the door’s often closed.
  • Mirrored light fittings don’t take up much space in a small room and brighten a room considerably.
  • Save space by placing long mirrors behind furniture.
Mirror Ideas for Small Bathrooms The bathroom is usually the smallest room of any property – it’s also a prime location for mirrors. You can incorporate mirrors into small bathrooms by:
  • Installing mirrored bathroom cabinets –hire a professional to fit yours for best results.
  • Using mirrored mosaic tiles; these are perfect for bouncing light around a small bathroom
  • Placing a full-length mirror on the shower door or back of the main door
Small Kitchen Mirror Ideas Narrow galley or L-shaped kitchens can really benefit from mirrors. Here’s how you can fit mirrors seamlessly into a small kitchen:
  • Use mirrored tiles on your kitchen walls
  • Instead of using a regular tiled backsplash, fit a mirror
Mirrors for Small Bedrooms Small bedrooms can often feel cramped, especially if you have a large bed and plenty of wardrobe and drawer space. Here’s how to use mirrors in a small bedroom:
  • Place full length mirrors on wardrobe drawers
  • Use the wall space above your bed board to install a big mirror