Bright shades, lashings of greenery and hopefully some warm weather. Summer is on its way! If you’re like us and love interiors then you'll want to continue the stylish flair right the way through into your garden and with a window mirror you can do just that. Using a mirror in your landscape can create a whole new dimension especially if your garden is small.

garden mirror 1

 This guide offers tips on which mirrors are best for outdoor use and ways to feature the mirror so that it blends seamlessly into your landscape. What type of mirror should I use? When it comes to using mirrors outdoors you have to be careful which style you choose as not all of our mirrors are suitable for outdoor use. The most suitable mirrors for your garden are window mirrors as these are generally crafted from metal meaning their frames are durable and can withstand various weather conditions.

Other types of mirrors tend to be crafted from wooden backboards meaning they are unsuitable for outdoor use. There are many different sized window mirrors and selecting a style for your landscape totally depends on the desired effect. A large oversized mirror can be used in both small courtyards and large landscapes to create the illusion of increased space, whilst a smaller sized round porthole mirror is great for reflecting the natural surroundings and also adding a decorative flair.

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How should I position the mirror in my landscape?

Placing a mirror in your landscape is actually harder than you would think. This is because you have to be conscious of what is going to be reflected back. In order to create a successful illusion of increased space it is better to reflect pants, shrubbery and other decorative areas in your landscape as opposed to reflecting the brickwork from your house. If you position the mirror on its own it may look out of place and unnatural.

The best place to positon your mirror is actually within your landscape with plants growing around it and perhaps slightly growing over it that way the mirror will look like it’s naturally part of the environment. The mirror will blend seamlessly into the landscape and it will not appear obvious on first glance that a mirror is featured within your landscape.

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How will I hang the mirror? The majority of our window mirrors are supplied with a wall bracket allowing you to easily mount the mirror to an exterior wall of your home or garage wall. We also supply a range of mirror fixing kits with each pack offering all the mirror fixings you will require to mount the mirror on your wall. Often with the large oversized window mirror styles these work well as leaner mirrors and can be leant up against your garden wall, shed or any wall you desire.

Visit our garden mirrors pinboard for inspiration on how to use window mirrors in your garden. If you require any advice or assistance on window mirrors and which ones are suitable for outdoor use please call our customer service team on 01709 477701 who will be happy to assist you.