The Christmas countdown is officially on with just a few weeks to go until the big day. One of our favourite activities around the festive season is decorating the house with lots of fun accessories. What other time of the year is it acceptable to go over board with the glitz and sparkle that comes along with wonderful Christmas decorations.

One of our favourite spots to decorate in the entire house is the fireplace. The Christmas tree is of course high in our priorities when it comes to decorating but there's something quite special about the fireplace, often it is positioned in the centre of your room and can really help tie your interior together.

In this post we'll talk you through some of our top tips on ways to decorate your fireplace, making it the real centre piece of your Christmas decorations. But first we've pulled some of our favourite festive images from Pinterest/our website to get you in to the Christmas spirit.


Overmantle Mirrors: Yes we may be a little biased, but what fireplace is complete without a mirror of some kind featured above it?! If you're looking to invest in a new overmantle mirror during this time of year, there are plenty of options to choose from. We'd opt for more of an opulent style; think gold, silver and champagne finishes, perfect for adding that touch of festive sparkle.

Not only do traditional overmantle style mirrors look great, we've also seen a rise in Sunburst mirrors being featured as part of Christmas fireplace surrounds. These heavily embellished designs exude luxury and style resembling decorative motifs of the Sun. These mirrors offer a stunning visual appearance that may even steal the attention away from your Christmas tree!



A classic, but another favourite is hanging a wreath on your fireplace. This is a wonderful way to incorporate the festivities, plus, positioning it here means you can actually enjoy the wreath as opposed to featuring it on your door where you may never look at it. You could hang the wreath down from the mantle or another great way is to feature the wreath on top of an overmantle mirror. Simply position the wreath on your mirror with the mirror acting as a stunning backdrop for the wreath to shine.  Garlands can be used to add decorative Christmas flair draped along your mantle or hearth.


We had to include symmetry in our top tips as more often than not if you look at fireplace decorations, festive or not they tend, to have some form of symmetry in their design. Symmetry is definitely an age old design trick but it works exceptionally well in a fireplace, plus it means you can buy even more Christmas accessories! Candles, lamps, lanterns and any other decorative accessories would work, simply feature one or multiple accessories either side, creating a symmetrical design.

Stockings are also great; hang one at each end of your fireplace and there you have an instant Christmassy design. Another one of our favourites is angel wings; these can be hung either above your fireplace or placed at either side of your fire, offering a wonderful ornate feel these angel wings also provide a quirky feature.


Candles & Accessories:

Collect your favourite candles, lanterns and other decorative Christmas accessories and position them along your mantel and hearth. Use groups of candles and accessories together to create a focal point. One DIY Christmas accessory we've seen lots of  that we particularly liked was the use of  vases or jars packed full with baubles and tinsel to create a stunning glittering feature. With your candles and lanterns try and use varying heights, that way you will create even more of a visual impact attracting more attention to your fireplace.

Use Your Fireplace:

If you're lucky enough to have a real fireplace make the most of it at Christmas by stocking up on logs and dressing the mantlepiece with other decorative accessories. A coal scuttle and log basket are fireside essentials and also lend to a cosy Christmas feel.

Another way in which we've seen people use their fireplace is to fill it with lots of candles. Perhaps a tricky design to actually pull off but once done it can create a stunning visual appearance. Not only will it illuminate your room it will also add elegance and luxury! If you don't want to go all out opt for between 4-10 candles each of varying heights this should still do the trick and create a striking feature.