One of the biggest concerns our customers have is how the mirror will be sent to them and arrive safely in one piece, after all sending glass through the post is never an easy task. Wherever possible at exclusiveMIRRORS we try to use our own drivers or fragile goods couriers, but even then the mirror is still at risk of damage. 

Of course from time to time damages do occur, however we strive to do everything we can to prevent this from happening.   We've created the video below to share the unique packaging process that each mirror goes through before it even leaves our warehouse.

Packaging Process Video:

Packaging Process Explained:

As detailed in the video our packaging process is as follows; this process is exactly the same for every single mirror.

  1. The mirror is unboxed and put through final quality control checks
  2. The mirror is covered by an initial protective wrapping
  3. The mirror is put back into its original box
  4. This box is then completely covered in air pouches
  5. A secondary box is then created from corrugated cardboard, by hand, to the exact measurements of the mirror
  6. Delivery instructions are applied to the box
  7. The box is loaded into the delivery van and sent out for delivery
  8. The mirror arrives safely at our customers homes

Damage Rates:

Here at Exclusive Mirror we pride ourselves in getting all of our mirrors to our customers in pristine condition.  We currently have a damage rate of less than 2% of all the mirrors we send out! The reason our damage rate is so low is largely due to the amount of time and attention we put in to the packaging of the mirror in the first instance. With over 10 years experience in delivering glass through the courier network, we have tried and tested almost every method imaginable and feedback from our customers is always that our mirrors are packaged to an extremely high standard. To find out more information on our shipping process click here.