A carefully placed wall mirror can make for an excellent addition to your home. What’s more, they are a really simple way of bringing a fresh, new vibe to a room. What you need to do is find the right wall mirror for the particular room, to make it more than just a reflective surface hung onto the wall. These wall mirrors can give a room a spacious appeal and in a living room or hallway this would be ideal. This is why this type of mirror is often used on the walls to bring light into the area and offering a beautiful decoration at the same time. The appeal of wall mirrors is that they can be placed in even the smallest and darkest of spaces and can effectively reflect light to brighten it up a bit and create an amazing effect. These rooms can really benefit from a wall mirror being hung up. There are many different styles and designs when it comes to wall mirrors, so they not only serve the functions we have already mentioned, but can also liven up any plain room. You can decide on the perfect size of mirror to fit in neatly within the place you have chosen.