Nothing can bring life into your home like colour. We’re enjoying the gorgeous weather we’ve had so far this Spring and though it would be fitting to offer some tips on ways to get the inside of your home ready for Spring/summer. A colourful home can lead to a more positive atmosphere combine that with the sunshine and you have a wonderful happy home.

This guide offers some simple yet effective ways to inject colour into your home without spending too much on renovating your entire home.  


Although the most obvious choice is to paint your walls with an accent colour this can be expensive and is often a big decision, instead accessorising is a cheaper and often more fun way to decorate your home. Opting for colourful cushions, throws and pillows can instantly brighten up your living space.

Switching your lamp shade is another option allowing you to quickly inject colour into your home, replace any white or ivory lampshades with bold colours or bright patterns to create a striking look. Additionally you can add coloured vases, photo frames and even candles to your home. Subtle changes can make a huge impact on the overall feel of your home and will certainly create a Spring/Summer feel.  

Colourful Mirror Frames

If you have a plain neutral wall what better way to add a touch of colour than with a mirror with a coloured frame. Not only will your living space feel brighter it will also create the illusion of more space. Often mirrors have a standard black/silver or mirrored frame however introducing a colour to your frame will help create a striking focal point.

Think carefully about what colour frame you choose as each colour can change the atmosphere of your home. Opt for a red frame if you’re looking to create a romantic feel or perhaps blue to create a calm peaceful environment. Pink and purple frames will create a funky, fun stylish environment ideal for children’s bedrooms or playrooms.

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Introduce Flowers

Flowers are a simple yet elegant addition to any home. Many interior designers have been quick to introduce flowers and plants to living spaces as they have made a comeback recently. Ideal for adding a feeling of the outdoors inside your home flowers are perfect for creating a light, fresh feel inside your home. Some examples of Spring flowers include; Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Scilla and Bluebells.

Flowers can be positioned either in the centre of your table or featured on a console table in your hallway combined with a coloured framed mirror to create a striking focal point.  

Dress Up Your Floor

A large colourful rug anchors a room and creates a stunning centre piece. If you have a rug already in your home why not purchase a Spring/Summer rug its worth investing and then you can continue to alternate throughout seasons. Sometimes a rug is sufficient to create a stunning bold statement in your home.

Opting for a bright colourful design is essential if you have a neutral décor, a vibrant patterned rug may also look great. Floor lamps are another great addition to your living space. Taking up little space a colourful floor lamp creates a modern almost industrial feel to your home. What’s more the lamp can also add light when necessary ensuring your living space remains bright and airy.


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We hope this guide has offered you some tips on how to inject some colour into your home.

For further inspiration on colourful interior home decors why not check out our pinboard here. The Exclusive Mirrors Team x