When people talk about interior design and home decoration, a lot of the focus tends to be on large issues, such as painting rooms or choosing wallpaper. These, of course, are certainly issues well worth spending time on when you are trying to design the interior appearance of your home. But, sometimes people can get too caught up in these larger issues and forget that it can be the smaller touches that really establish character in a home interior. Furniture, decorative accessories, and other things of that nature can go a long way toward helping you design the perfect interior. With that in mind, here are a few ideas on items you might be able to use as you go about setting up your home. Lighting Fixtures - One of the easiest and most fun ways to add character to a room is to experiment with different kinds of light fixtures. Generally, homes come equipped with relatively basic lighting fixtures, but installing new ones can be fairly simple and cheap, and extremely effective. Which types of fixtures you choose specifically depends upon the room and your vision for it - but one example might be to use glass bottle lighting in a dining room. It is increasingly popular for people to use fixtures made up of light bulbs dangling in bottles, and this can help to create a very appealing atmosphere in a dining space. Mirrors - A mirror is a perfect example of something often used as a utility when in fact it can be used very effectively as an element of home design. Mirrors come in all different shapes and sizes, and many of them are designed with an artistic aim, whether that means with elaborate, decorative frames, interesting shapes, etc. Again, the specifics will be up to you and your vision for your home d?┬ęcor, but having a few strategically chosen mirrors in your home can be very visually impressive, not to mention unique. Window Blinds - This is another element of interior design that many people tend to settle for, rather than have fun with. The primary purpose of blinds is of course to give you the option of blocking out a window - but when window blinds come in virtually limitless styles, colours, etc., there's no reason not to consider interior decorating when selecting them for your windows! The right blinds or curtains can pull a room together entirely. Display Shelves - Shelves and other display furniture can come off in a bland way quite easily. However, there are plenty of shelving units and similar pieces of furniture out there that are designed almost like artistic sculptures, rather than necessary furniture. If you find a nice, creative shelving unit and put a few decorative items on it along with whatever it is you are trying to store, you can turn a piece of furniture into a decoration, and this is always worth doing. Light Dimming - Finally, you may also want to consider having dimmers installed on your lights, at least in certain rooms. Lighting tends to have more of an effect than just about any other factor in creating an atmosphere for a room, which means that the more you control it, the more you control that atmosphere. You may not need dimmers in every room, but in certain rooms they can be very helpful, and can help you to get the maximum effect from your hard interior design work.