Whether you're looking to completely transform your room or add a new lease of life to your current space a mirror is the perfect option. We're focusing our attention in this post specifically on window mirrors and how they can create the illusion of increased space as well as helping to radiate light.

What exactly is a window mirror?

Typically large in their design a window mirror is a mirror that creates the appearance of a window usually with panelled detailing to create a window pane effect. Often window mirrors have an arched top creating the feel of an arched window, they can also be rectangular and sometimes circular in their design.

The beauty of these mirrors is that each mirrored panel is able to catch the light and reflect it at various angles creating a dazzling effect. Although large in their design window mirrors are actually ideal for small living spaces. Using an oversized mirror in a small space eagerly exposes any bit of light and radiates it through the entire room.

Additionally oversized mirrors like window mirrors not only help to radiate light they're also great at reflecting other areas of your room which help to make your space feel bigger than it actually is.

Window mirrors used by expert Interior Designers:

Interior designers Coral Interiors are a home design and home staging consultancy based in Bournemouth. They recently carried out a project on a Victorian family home in Dorset and we happened to stumble across the gorgeous project on Houzz discovering that they had used two of our large lattice window mirrors in the living room.

a93a8538 Photo Credit: Sasfi Hope-Ross

The designers chose to feature two of our large lattice window mirrors either side of the family's fireplace to create a symmetrical design. If you have a large space to play around with this symmetrical look is simply stunning and can really help to open up the living room as it has done in this home. 

Both mirrors are radiating light with one of the mirrors able to reflect the natural daylight coming in from the long Victorian style windows. We love the use of the neutral colour scheme in the room with the luxurious gold finish of the window mirrors contrasting beautifully helping them become even more prominent in the room.


Photo Credit: Sasfi Hope-Ross

The mirrors are set back slightly with the fireplace taking centre stage with a wonderful piece of artwork featured above it. The window mirrors are featured above a console table unit each side which features stunning flowers and a gold finished candle lantern subtly picking up on the gold finish of the window mirrors frame.

The gorgeous living room is finished off with 2 Chesterfield style sofas and a stunning chandelier. When in use, the light from the chandelier will be reflected around the living room by the various panels from the mirrors offering a charming feel. Create the look of this living room with our Large lattice mirror 93 x 147cm

a93a8542 Photo Credit: Sasfi Hope-Ross

Window Mirror Inspiration:

We love the overall styling of the living room which combines traditional elements such as the Chesterfield sofas enhanced by the modern accessories such as the mirror, lanterns and table lamps. A wonderful living room design mixing modern styles with a classic Victorian twist.

To view the rest of the Victorian house project from Coral Interiors check out their Houzz project here >  Window mirrors work in almost any room, for further inspiration on how to use window mirrors check out our window mirrors pinboard.