It is a sad fact of life that children soon grow up, making it more important than ever to enjoy them while they are young. One way to share in their development as they go through life’s stages is to track their height and other achievements. Whether you have a little girl or a boy, wanting to know how tall they are compared to other siblings and friends is only natural. In the past, people used to mark on a wall or door frame in pencil what a person’s height was at a certain age. There is no need to do this any longer as you can now buy the ‘How Tall Am I Mirror’. It is not just kids who can enjoy having this mirror around as you can share the moment with them as they measure how tall they are. With measurements in centimetres and inches, you can track their progress at different ages, while having fun at the same time. The whole family can get involved with this activity. Instructions on how to get the best use out of the mirror are included, along with two re-usable markers and the adhesive pads to stick the mirror to the wall.