It is a common saying to ‘look at oneself in the mirror’ and this basically means that you are assessing where you are at in life and what you see. Mirrors have been used for many years now to reflect the image of a person and show them how they look at a particular time. Having a mirror handy in the bathroom or bedroom is really helpful as they can really help you to get ready or put make-up on when you are going out or having friends round for dinner. If you have a job interview you can check how you look before you leave the house. There are lots of different situations where a mirror can assist a person in showing them how they look at a particular time. They can reassure someone that they are looking their best, giving them confidence when facing others. The reflective surface shows you what other people will see when they look at you. In choosing a mirror for your home it is important to think of its purpose. Some mirrors are bought as decorations, while the mirrors we have been discussing in this article are more useful for looking at yourself in.