Choosing a mirror for a room may seem like a difficult task. You’ve usually already chosen the wall space where the mirror will be positioned but have yet to decide on the type of mirror which would prove to be the most suitable. Mirrors play an important role in a room, as the can give the feeling of more space. So positioning a mirror opposite a window wall can reflect light through the room and make the room feel a lot lighter. It may be a good idea to complete the redecoration of the room before choosing the mirror. There are a huge variety of mirrors available, some of which work in modern homes and some which are more traditional. If you can try to image what the mirror will look like in situ it can be a good start. Many websites will of course show you what the mirror looks like, but it’s also worth noting down the mirror dimensions and then making a ‘mock-up’ of the mirror size and shape so you can see what it will look like on the actual wall where it will be fitted. This can prove really useful as you’ll want something which will fit into the space neatly and not overpower everything else in the room.