The mirror is a common household object; however, there are many mysteries and superstitions surrounding it. Do you really have seven years bad luck if you break one? Do vampires really have no reflection? We’ll separate fact from fallacy for you in this fascinating article about an item that we all have in our home. Seven years bad luck One of the most well known of all superstitions is that if you break a mirror it will bring you bad luck for seven years. It is possible that this idea originally came about in Roman times before mirrors were invented and people used to look at their reflection in a pool. As they believed that their reflection was their soul, someone throwing a rock to ripple the water and disturb the reflection was considered very bad luck. Another more down to earth explanation comes from the Victorian era when mirrors were an expensive item and could only be afforded by saving up over a number of years (seven was considered the average number of years) so it would of course be very bad luck to break something that would take you another seven years to replace. Vampires avoiding mirrors Pretty much any horror movie involving Dracula or any other vampire for that matter, will normally have a scene where they pass a mirror and their reflection does not appear. Apparently the reason that vampires cannot be seen in mirrors is because they believe that mirrors reflect our souls and being of the undead variety that do not have any souls. This theory also has its origins in the Roman theory about mirrors and souls but the truth of the matter is that if vampires do actually exist, they would be reflecting all over the place, but that wouldn’t be as scary in the movie would it? Mirrors in films Candyman was a classic horror movie featuring mirrors and was based on the legend that The Candyman can be summoned by looking into a mirror and saying his name five times whereupon he will murder the summoner with his hook hand. It is just an urban legend and a movie story of course but do you really want to stand in front of the mirror and try calling his name five times? Thought not. Probably the most famous movie to feature a mirror in the story is of course Snow White where the Queen possesses a magical mirror and asks “who is the fairest in the land?” It all turns a bit nasty when the mirror changes its mind and because it never lies, it decides that Snow White is actually “a thousand times more beautiful” which is not good news for Snow White or the mirror in hindsight, but the mirror never lies of course! Just showing off Leonardo Da Vinci had a pretty neat party trick involving mirrors in that he could draw and write simultaneously and he wrote backwards in mirror writing. It appears that he could command both halves of his brain at the same time. Try writing your name with both hands simultaneously the natural thing to do is to write in reverse with one hand, so he was just showing off really! Author Bio: Jamie Parham has been extensively involved in interior design. His articles mainly appear on home design blogs. .