Mirrored furniture is the ultimate accessory for any home décor! If you are wanting to add a touch of glamour these stunning pieces will do the trick every time. The sleek, crisp lines of mirrored furniture combined with the unblemished surface create a wonderful chic feel in just about any living space.

In this guide we offer some simple design tips on how to use mirrored furniture in your home. Our designers have also selected 5 of their favourite mirrored furniture pieces! The history of mirrored furniture Mirrored furniture dates all the way back to the 12th century, however mirrored furniture then was not what we think of today.

The very first mirrors were made from metals which were concaved to offer a reflection, this reflection however was distorted and unclear. In the 17th century the way mirrors were crafted changed, mirrors began to be created from glass with a metal backing. We then started to see the first emergence of mirrored furniture, initially mirrored furniture started off as ornaments, fireplace toppers and candle holders. The mirrored furniture we think of today began in the 18th century.

This type of furniture was very popular for dressing tables. Mirrored furniture has many characteristics, the most popular designs we have seen over the years include Venetian mirrored furniture and Art Deco mirrored furniture.

Mirrored bedroom furniture

Possibly the most popular room in your home to feature mirrored furniture is the bedroom. Mirrored furniture sets are perfect for embellishing your room and adding that important glamorous feel. Your bedroom is a place to relax, a safe haven for you to get a good nightÂ’s sleep therefore it is essential to create a peaceful ambiance. Adding key pieces of mirrored furniture can help create this elegant, tranquil feel. Not only do mirrored furniture pieces increase light in your bedroom they can create a high impact contributing to the overall look of your bedroom. In your bedroom a mirrored dressing table with a dressing table mirror featured on top will create a stunning centrepiece.

If you are looking for something subtle why not add mirrored bedside tables to either side of your bed creating a striking look whilst also not overpowering your bedroom design. For individuals after a complete mirrored furniture set you could combine mirrored wardrobes with chest of drawers and a dressing table. Not only does mirrored furniture ooze style it also provides excellent storage space ensuring your bedroom remains neat and tidy.

Mirrored furniture in your living room

Your living room is where you may spend most of your time therefore it is essential to make sure it is a relaxing place whilst still ensuring it looks fabulous and will impress any guests that enter your home. Key mirrored furniture pieces look great in your living room such as sideboards or coffee tables. If placed across from natural light a sideboard will reflect the light beautifully and also help to create the illusion of increased space, perfect if you have a small living space.

A mirrored coffee or lamp table can also look stylish in any living room but particularly appealing in any contemporary styled minimalistic space combined with a contrasting wooden floor. A coffee table will create a wonderful centre piece and is also extremely practical. Mirrored tables may not work as well in family homes as they can easily mark and many have sharp lines.

Mirrored storage

Mirrored storage cubes or Ottomans with hidden storage space are great for almost any room in your home. Use these mirrored storage units in any hallway, living room or bedroom. The large mirrored surface area will reflect the light beautifully and reflect it around your home brightening up your living area.

These mirrored pieces also offer excellent storage space allowing you to neatly store away small and medium sized items. Piece 2 or more storage cubes together in a decorative way to create a stunning focal point in your home. Ideally you should start with one or two mirrored furniture pieces in your home and build up from there rather than filling your home with lots of mirrored furniture. Too many mirrored pieces can be overwhelming and will essentially overpower your home design. Subtle mirrored furniture can make a bold statement and will create a beautiful, desirable look.

Our designers favourite 5 mirrored furniture pieces:

1. Mayfair coffee table with 4 drawers

  EE3189 Mayfair Coffee Table with 4 Draws 130 x 71 x 45.5cm                

2. Large mirrored Ruby dressing table

EE2609 Mirrored Ruby Console Table 105x40x80cm                

3. Clear Venetian glass cube

EE1654 Clear Venetian Glass Cube46x46x46cm                

4. Mirrored chest of drawers Ruby

EE2608 Mirrored Chest Of Drawers Ruby 105x40x80cm                

5. Venetian tower block table